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10 Fashion DON’Ts You Should Avoid Like The Plague

In fashion, there are some staples that are considered classics, they look good, they are timeless and you can never go wrong with them. Kind of like dating a classically beautiful celebrity like George Clooney. It will never go out of style. On the other hand, there are some other items (not celebrities)  that are the exact opposite of that. You know, those thoroughly terrible trends that belong in the trash. Here are ten fashion DON’Ts you should avoid like the plague.


1. DON’T become a walking ad for a brand

Yes, designer logos can be cute in moderation. The iconic Louis Vuitton print looks great in a bag, but covering yourself head to toe in logos and brand names is completely out of the question. A small emblem will look classy, but overdo it and you end up looking trashy.


2. DON’T wear tights as pants

Tights are not a standalone item. They are an accessory, they can look amazing when combined in a great outfit. But never as pants. They are flimsy, see-through and usually make your butt look the wrong shape. Tight pants? Yes! Tights as pants? No way.


3. DON’T do crocs

This shouldn’t need an explanation. Just look at them. Yes, they are comfortable. That’s not an excuse, though.


4. DON’T go full denim

As much as we all miss the early 00’s, there’s no amount of nostalgia that will make this okay. No, Katy Perry, not even if you are channeling Golden Age Britney. But the rule goes beyond dresses. If you are wearing jeans, don’t wear a denim shirt or jacket. We are never going back to 2001.


5. DON’T wear separates if they are both skimpy

As a rule of thumb, your entire outfit should have at least enough fabric to make one normal shirt. If you want to emphasize your cleavage, don’t distract your audience by showing off legs too!


6. DON’T abuse sheer fabrics

If you want to feel subtly sexy and ethereal, sheer fabrics are a great choice. Just make sure they are see-trough in the right places. If we can see the color of your underwear, that’s bad news. If we can see you are not wearing underwear at all, that’s worse news.


 7. DON’T even look at platform sneakers

 Look, some platform shoes can look cute under certain circumstances. Sneakers are not one of those shoes. All platform sneakers do is help you be in denial of your height. Own it, girl, you can look great no matter your height! Unless you are wearing platform sneakers.


 8. DON’T do the plushy tracksuit

 Just… don’t.


 9. DON’T overdo prints

 Animal print is definitely a classic. In moderation, of course. If you are dressed head to toe in leopard spots, though, you are not making a fashion statement, you are cosplaying a cat.


 10. DON’T match miniskirts and Uggs

 Are you cold? Are you hot? Are you dressing up or down? If you are cold enough to wear uggs, you are cold enough to put on some pants.

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