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11 Tips On How To Purchase Designer Fashion

designer-clothes-closet-fashion-elegantThere are three things you need when you go out shopping for designer fashion: a good eye, quick reflexes, and lots of money. Why a good eye? To weed out the fakeness. Why the quick reflexes? To snatch up the sales in a heartbeat. Why lots of money? Well, that sh*t is not cheap, baby.

Going out and buying clothes seems easy, right? It is if you are buying a $5 dollar shirt at Wal-Mart. I am talking about purchasing designer fashion. Now that is hard. You have to breathe, and think before you are willing to spend $300 dollars on a Louis bag that you found at Ross.

Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing designer fashion and not splurge on items that are worthy!

  1. Save money and time. Call stores beforehand to see if they are having a sale.
  2. Stitching is key. Do research on what to look for in clothes. Why? You want to make sure you are going home with a Prada and not a Brada.
  3. Make some new friends. Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Armani, Versace, Gucci, Valentino, YSL, Prada, and Givenchy are all of my friends. Be on first name basis when shopping.
  4. Never buy the first thing you see. You might find it cheaper at another store.
  5. Better safe than sorry. If you find something you like, but are not sure if you want to purchase it yet because another store the other day had it for 100 dollars cheaper and you want to make sure it is still there. All you have to do is say, “Can you hold this for me? I left my wallet in the car. I will be right back.” Now rush to the other store. If it is not there then at least you have it on hold at the other one.
  6. Just because it is on sale, does not mean that you have to buy the ugly purple dress. Only purchase if it beneficial for your pocket and wardrobe needs.
  7. Plan on spending. You will basically spend over 200 dollars when shopping for designer fashion. Yes it is a lot, but you are paying for quality, honey.
  8. Be decisive on who you shop with. Take someone with you who likes to shop and spend. Leave the “I don’t know.”; “It’s too much.” person behind.
  9. No shame with sales. Just because it is Versace, not one has to know that you got it at half price.
  10. Are you sad, depressed; just had a break up, or hungry? Then stay your ass home. You are more likely to spend money on useless crap just to make yourself happy.
  11. Remember that you can shop from home. Get great discounts on designer fashion right from the Internet. Bluefly.com , Loehmanns.com, and 6pm.com are my favorite sites.

Now you know the ropes of the wholesale designer fashion world. Go out and stock up on unique clothing and accessories from name brand designers. Start a clothing fund piggy bank to make shopping a lot easier.

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