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14 Tips to Look, Dress And Act Like a True Diva Celebrity!



This holiday make sure you are the one everyone is talking about, but in a good way. Celebrity status is not that difficult to achieve with some simple fashion tips. Be the Selena Gomez of your group. Be the Carrie Bradshaw of your city. There is no need to have sex in your city to achieve celebrity status. All you really need to do is upgrade your wardrobe with a few statement pieces.

Follow these 14 tips to be the next fashionable celebrity of your town.

Tip 1: Surround yourself with a group of friends who are a bit less fashionable than you so that you stand out in all of the photos.

Tip 2: Smile all the time. Brush those teeth and keep them pearly white.

Tip 3: Be prepared for any paparazzi pic, or in your case it will be a famarazzi pic.

Tip 4: Never wear loud clothing, and by loud I mean multiple patterns.

Tip 5: K.I.S.S. the room. Keep it simple and stylish.

Tip 6: Purchase a skinny jean to rock with almost every outfit. Make sure they go well with your stilettos and flats.


Tip 7: Every true celebrity has a medium sized bag. Splurge on a name brand bag (mine is Prada) to showcase in every picture taken. Plus you can keep stuff in the bag to help keep your celebrity status up.

Tip 8: Stilettos are a must. Red bottoms are preferred, but if they are too expensive then make it work girl. Get red nail polish and paint on the red bottom on your heels. No one has to know.

Tip 9: The hair is what can make or break you. Always have a brush in your Prada bag. Keep your hair style simple. Straight and sleek is a go to hairstyle. I prefer the loose bun because it shows off my face more.

Tip 10: Moisturize the face. A dry face equals no pictures in the best dressed area f the magazine. A moisturized face will always pair well with any outfit you wear.

Tip 11: Leave sweats, crocks, Ugg boots, sweat bands, tights, and clogs at home.

Tip 12: Stay up with the latest trends.

Tip 13: Purchase these 5 must-have celeb fashion items: denim skinny jeans, statement coat, stilettos, name brand bag (Chinatown purchase is fine…no one has to know), a plain white tee, and sunglasses.

Tip 14: Look at the mirror and repeat: “I am my own celebrity!”

See how simple these tips were to follow. Forget about keeping up with those Kardashians. Now you can keep up with your own celebrity status by keeping up with these tips. Even though you might not be known on the celebrity stratosphere, you can be known as a celebrity in your own friendosphere.

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