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4 Cool Tricks Smart Girls Use To Stay Warm In The Winter

Just because winter calls for layers and layers of thick fabrics does not mean you can simply let go and put on the ugliest track suit and just cover it with an oversized coat. Honey you can do so much better. Even science can back up the ongoing myth that dressing up and getting dolled up actually tricks you into feeling better and gives you a sense of happiness. Don’t hide under baggy clothes unless they are as chic as the boots that we’re planning on showing you. Please do not hide those lovely legs and go for the leggins we think would match those boots we previously mentioned. You know where I’m going. Here are the essential items every fashionable and smart girl like you will need for the winter.

But, this is not ‘fur’ me: Oh dear, we’re not trying to pull a #TBT (throw back thursday) from HELL! Real animal fur coats are so long and gone like Lindsay Lohan’s career. It’s done and anyone who still uses it better give Peta a phone call. They will probably convince them otherwise. Specially when you have such faithful replacements for real fur. Fake fur coats that add a certain glam for the winter. Specially when you pair them up with skinny jeans or leather leggins. (The fake ones!)



Elegant, regal … socks with flats? No, you’re not dreaming. If I suddenly told you on a lunch break at school or work, that 2015 is packing the most elegant women sporting this ensemble, you would probably think I’m a liar. But if you pair it up with the RIGHT socks, the RIGHT flats (simple, one single color, and elegant in shape and cut) then I bet you would probably go from ‘are you crazy?’ to ‘ OMG I want it!.’



 A blanket scarf is in and you will flip when you see it paired up in a very chic way. Blanket scarfs sound like some invention that japanese people created just for gags. But the final product is actually more ‘Vogue’ than ‘TMZ.’ A nice leather jacket, (brown or black, always maintaining the minimalistic style surrounding the main piece, the star of your outfit, to counteract and harmonize the look) paired with combat boots and a fedora hat go perfectly hand in hand. Tuck it around your lovely fashionista neck and face another day in your hometown as if you were strutting the streets of Paris.




Is it cold? Then SOCK IT UP! Well, the pun was intended, of course. Nothing looks more parisian chic in a modern 2015 fashion forward look than pairing up a magnificent item like this trench coat, with very structured geometric lines with the most neutral socks that turn into half-leggings. Something tells me 2015 will be full of edgy surprises in the fashion Industry.


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