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4 Simple Ways To Avoid Wearing The Same Outfit Twice

Kim-Kardashian-same-outfit-hammer-pantsEvery girl has the same dilemma, at least the fashionable ones. They do not want to be caught in the same outfit twice. This is the era of photos. Whether it is a selfie, a group shot, or some random pic, you are going to have evidence of what you wore. Celebrities always make sure to never be caught dead in the same outfit. Unfortunately, some celebrities have been caught in the same outfit more than once. Just look at the photo of Kim Kardashian (to the left). She wore the same outfit three times but she changed it up with a belt. Do you think the changing of the belt hid the fact that it was the same outfit?

Here are 4 simple ways to avoid wearing the same outfit twice.

1. Monthly Clothes Plan – This takes a lot of preparation. You basically take a picture of every article of clothing you own. Get a photo album. Now you become your own stylist. Make 30 pages of different outfit combinations with the pics you took. The great thing is that if you like something from Day 7 then you can totally wear it on Day 18…only one article not the whole outfit.

2. Vacation Shuffle – The worst think about vacation photos is that if you wear on the same outfit more than once, it will look like you only went for one day instead of a whole week.  It is very simple. If you are going on a 7 day vacation to an island then all you really need to pack are three cute bathing suits, two pairs of jean shorts, seven shirts, no accessories, flats, and 4-6 sunglasses. Shuffle the clothes up and you have outfits that will let them know you were on vacation for more than one day. Or better yet, do not share the photos. Keep them to yourself. You can always go on a nude vacation. No issue there.

3. Work Dilemma – Business attire can get so monotonous at times. You can make it seem like you only own one business outfit, which sucks. If that is your dilemma then there is an easy solution. When Tuesday comes, look at what you wore on Monday. Switch it up. If you wore on a blazer, then just wear a blouse. If you wore on pants, then purchase a pencil skirt so you can switch them out every other day.

4. Hanger Rotation – Hang whatever you wore at the opposite end of the closet and keep on doing that every day. You are less likely to wear the same outfit twice.

If you are going to wear the same outfit twice then at least do what Kate Winslet did. She changed the color and style lines to make it a different outfit even though it looked the same.


Yes there are easier ways to not wear the same outfit twice like purchasing an outfit every day, not wearing the same outfit, raiding a friend’s closet, getting rid of the outfit, and of course, you can always just stay home.

The next time I see you I better see you wearing a different outfit. These simple ways only apply for when you are going out into the real world to shop, vacation, hangout, or party. When you are in your own home it is okay to rock the same outfit every day. No one has to know that Monday night pajamas are Friday night pajamas too.

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