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5 Fall Fashion Trends For 2014 You Can’t Miss



Summer time has come and gone. That means it’s time to put those tank tops and short shorts away and start thinking about what to wear as the fall approaches. Cooler temperatures mean thicker clothes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to look like a cave woman from the ice age.  You also don’t want to commit the ultimate fashion faux pas by wearing last year’s styles this fall. But you also don’t want to purchase a trendy item just because it’s “in” this season.

Fashion sometimes can be tricky. Just because these items are going to be trendy, remember to shop according to your body, and what the item does for it. I committed the crime of buying things that later on I didn’t have the guts to wear outside of the house. Don’t buy just because it looks cute on a billboard ad. So here are some of the 5 fall fashions that you must have for 2014.

Blanket coats and ponchos. Many designers have introduced a stylish and elegant brand of ponchos for today’s woman. Do you remember Jessica Simpson’s addiction to ponchos back when she had her reality Tv show?.  She made them trendy, and it soon became the typical “rich mom” ensemble you could see in The Hamptons, if you were lucky enough to spend some time there.

Animal Prints.
Reality stars like Olivia and Tracy from Jerseylicious, or Snookie from Jersey Shore may have taken leopard print to the extreme, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t customize your ensemble to include animal prints. You can mix and match between leopard print to snake print or some other exotic animal like a Zebra. We recently saw JLo wearing a snake print outfit that reminded us all she was the original “Anaconda”, (remember that movie?)
Take animal print to different levels. Don’t think you have to limit your style to just blouses and skirts. Knee-high boots or high-heeled shoes look savagely divine.

Leather looks hot and sexy but is especially great to keep you warm during the chilly fall and winter months. The look? It could be more reserved than Britney’s sexy leather outfit on her video “I love rock and roll”.  You can wear on a leather jacket to everyday scenarios, from formal to informal events, leather looks amazing even on a fancy dress. It¡s the rock ‘n roll punch your wardrobe needs.

For our vegan/animal right fighter readers, who take a stand against using leather:
This issue of using clothes that were made at the cost of animals is something that was recently brought up during a CNN interview with the late Joan Rivers. If you’re an animal rights fighter, go for the synthetic alternative known as Vegan leather. It’s just as fashionable as conventional leather but no animals were harmed during the process.

You don’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort to look like Heidi Klum during the fall. Oversized sweaters are making a comeback in 2014. You can still wear on a skirt and perhaps some knee-high leather boots with that bulky sweater wrapped around you. No one will think any less of you if you do. If you happen to peek some Tumblr or Pinterest boards every once in a while, you’ll notice how more and more girls and women decided to pair up super skinny jeans or leggings with oversized coats, sweaters and shirts. And they look trendy and comfortable. Not too shabby if you ask me. Comfortable? I’m SO in.

Accessories are always a big part of any fall fashion look. In 2014 however, purses are stepping up to the head of the fashion class. So the main focus is going to be purses. Some of them will carry on this animal print pattern craze we’ve been talking about. Most stores like Sears and J.C. Penny have started to showcase the new trends for friendlier prices than the ones you can find at Armani or Gucci stores.

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