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5 Minute DIY Projects To Look Fabulous

Do it yourself projects are fun and can add a unique and personal touch to any wardrobe. However, not everyone has the time (or the skill) to sew an awesome dress from scratch. If you still want to give the DIY trend a go, here are some really cool projects that you can get done in literally five minutes.

Add a pocket to your tee

If you have a plain tee that needs just the right amount of color to jazz it up, just add a colorful pocket. This project is great for beginner sewers and it can be done in five minutes with a sewing machine. Find your plain tee and some colorful fabric with a fun pattern. Cut the fabric into a “pocket shape”, a bit bigger than you want the actual pocket to be. Fold the edges back and pin, then iron them to get them flat. Stitch along the top edge and place on the tee. Sew the pocket (don’t sew the top edge!) and enjoy your new fashionable shirt.


Turn your necklace into a headband

With the help of an elastic hair tie, you can turn your favorite necklace into a pretty headband. And then turn it back into a necklace. That’s right, your accessory stash just grew considerably by the power of hair elastics. Take a necklace or chain that’s at least 18 inches long and use pliers to carefully bend open the jump ring or link at the end of the necklace. Insert the elastic hair tie and close the ring back tightly. Insert the hair tie inside the lobster clasp at the other end of the necklace and make sure it won’t open when stretching the hair tie. Now wear your new headband and get compliments on it all day long.

Fun hair clips

You will need some ribbon, a couple of plain hair clips and craft shapes of any kind, that you can get at Hobby Lobby or any similar store. Wrap the ribbon around the clip to cover it completely and use a glue gun to make sure the ribbon doesn’t go away. Now, and this is the critical part of the project: glue the craft shape. Make sure you do it while the clip is open so it won’t crack when you use it. That’s it, you are good to go with cute clips in your hair.

Button earrings

If you want earrings that are cute as a button, wear buttons as earrings. Find a pair of flat earring posts (with earring backs) and any kind of button you like. You will also need some jewelry glue, Krazy glue or any kind of glue that can stick metal to plastic. Now carefully follow these instructions: glue the button to the earring posts. That’s it. Let them dry completely and rock your new cute earrings.

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