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6 Signs That You Need An Entirely New Wardrobe

None of us are strangers to the horrible words “I have nothing to wear.” How could it be that your wardrobe has no space left and yet it’s completely empty of anything even remotely wearable? These are fool-proof signs that you need to go shopping for an entirely new wardrobe.


1. You hate mornings even more

You wake up, cursing the morning because… it’s morning and you hate it. But this time you double curse it because you will be already facing stress before your day has even begun: getting ready. This would normally only take you an hour or so, but now you have to account for extra time because you have nothing to wear.

2. Your first reaction when opening your closet is panic

Once you dragged yourself out of bed and finally start with the daunting task of getting dressed, you open the wardrobe to confirm once again that you have nothing to wear. You start rummaging through your clothes like a maniac in search of that hidden gem you forgot about, with no results. And when you catch a glimpse of the clock, you start hyperventilating because you are going to be late and you are still in your underwear. And the worst thing is, most of those items either don’t fit you like they used to, or they are extremely saggy on your body.

3. Your bedroom floor is permanently covered in clothes

Every time you need to get dressed you try on dozens of different outfits and hate every single one of them. So your bedroom floor is permanently covered in piles of clothes, because nobody has time to carefully fold and put away all those horrible clothes every morning.

4. You have an everyday uniform

Yes, even when you have nothing to wear, you still have some go-to outfits that you feel comfortably in and that look good. Problem is, you’ve wore them so many times that they are starting to feel like your day-to-day uniform.

5. Even though you have a huge closet, you only use one shelf

And not because the rest of your closet is empty. It’s just full of nothing. Over the years you’ve accumulated a lot of outfits and items that now somehow became ugly, so you stick to the same four shirts you keep in the middle shelf for easy access.

6. You stop going out with friends

And not because you don’t have fun, but because you have nothing to wear. What should be a fun night out with your gal pals turns into this stressful event, because you spend hours trying to figure out a cute outfit that you haven’t worn a thousand times already.

So, go shopping. But maybe you should take a day off first, take everything you haven’t worn in a year and give it to charity. You will finally free up space in your closet, you’ll discover new, cute clothes you had forgotten about and you will help other people. It’s a win-win, really.

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