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6 Ways To Combat Your Office’s Freezing Thermostat

Fun fact: none of your coworkers understand what a normal temperature should be. As soon as the days start getting a bit warmer, they all run to turn the thermostat way down to overcompensate. And let’s face it, you can’t throw a temper tantrum, and throw stuff around. You’re an adult. It’s summer. So of course, you understand why the thermostat is so low. But you shouldn’t be shivering in the office. So here’s how to stay warm without nagging your coworkers.

1. Sit next to the window

If you can manage it, move your working space next to a window. That tiny bit of heat transfer from the outside can make all the difference. Besides, all that natural sunlight is bound to put you in a better mood. Just be careful to position your screen correctly so you are not constantly fighting the glare.


2. Have an “office cardigan” or two

Nobody wants to be carrying around extra clothing when it’s so hot outside your feet are getting stuck to the pavement. Besides, when it’s so warm you will probably end up forgetting about your chilly office until it’s too late. Get a cardigan, blazer or jacket and just leave them in the office, so you’ll always be prepared for those surprise tiny winters. You can even leave two, so you can wear one like a normal person and wrap the other one around your legs if you are wearing a skirt.

3. It’s all about the shoes

Don’t wear sandals. They are cute and in style and they match your attire. But don’t wear sandals. Your toes will freeze. Avoid open-toed pumps as well. If you can, find warm flats or slippers that look professional but will keep your feet shielded from the unforgiving cold of the AC.

4. Be casual

If your office has a formal dress-code, the problem may not be your attire. It may be your (male) coworkers’. Suits and ties are warm, which is probably the reason why the men in your office seem to prefer to work in a frozen tundra. Talk to your boss and encourage a more casual dress code during the summer. Stand up for the poor men so they can ditch the ties and jackets! And also, so you can get to work without wondering why it’s suddenly snowing indoors.

5. Say yes to coffee

Like that’s going to be difficult! When you feel your legs are getting numb from the cold, get up and walk to the break room to get the blood flowing. While you are there, make a pot of coffee and wait around while trying to warm up. Take the hot cup of coffee to your desk, enjoy the warm sensation in your hands and belly. And the warm compliments from your workmates who will think you are super nice for making coffee for everybody.

6. Get a thin scarf

You will be surprised at the difference a scarf can make. Not only you will look instantly more stylish, professional and put-together, but you will also stop wondering if you’ll ever be able to feel warmth again.

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