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7 Celebrity Fashion Winter Trends



Now is the time to look your hottest since is cold out like a vicious fashion critic. Celebrities sure do know how to look hot in the winter season. What is their secret? Like Victoria’s, we will never know. I do think that confidence and the perfect fashion statement pieces one wears will give off the right amount of hotness you want. Just like the pumpkin spice drink that put an end to regular coffee this fall season, the winter fashion trend did the same to the cold critic weather.

Here are some of the fashion trends celebrities are cuddling up with this winter season.

Boots to the knee: If Miranda Kerr, Heidi, and Milla Jovovich have them then I want them. They will become a staple in your winter fashion wardrobe. They can make any outfit look casual or business.

Coat of elegance: Celebs are rocking statement coats. A hot pink suede coat over a pair of jeans, or even over a little black dress will give you celeb status is a quick heartbeat. Make the coat do all the talking for you. A checker pattered coat is amazing too. Plus it lets others know that you are there to check them out.

Wearing on white is so right: In the winter you cannot go wrong with wearing on anything white. Celebs are making white sweater knit, white maxi dresses, and even white leggings trendy. So go out and buy something fluffy and white. You do not want to be Snow White; you want to be Snow Right Now.

Be the turtle not the hare: Turtlenecks are trendy now. Models and celebs have been seen with black chunky turtleneck sweaters. Pair it with a nice pair of tight jeans and you sizzle the cold away. Just ask Kate Moss.

Geometry: No studying needed. Geometric lines are very trendy in the winter. Stars like Tilda Swinton, Kirsten Stewart, and Olivia Wilde have been seen acing their daily winter wardrobe and fashion shows with their linear geometrical frocks.

Sneak attack: Models like Cara Develigne are setting a new winter trend with sneakers. It does not snow everywhere so you can get away with sporting a sneaker. Be comfortable while making a statement with your DKNY sneaker.

Flower power: Just because nature is becoming colorless in the winter season, it does not mean that you are not allowed to wear a Mother Nature inspired dress. Just ask Taylor Swift. The trendsetter loves to wear dresses with nature themes, flowers, or branches in the design. It is okay to look hot while wearing green in the winter. Tempt the forest with your hotness.

Try some of these celebrity trends. Also do try to input some of your own trends into your winter fashion closet. Have a variety of colors from white to artic blue. If the celebrities can do it then so can you. Go out into the cold winter weather looking hot like a cup of cocoa.

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