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8 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know About

8 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know AboutAs if trying to figure out what to wear every morning was not hard enough, you also have to deal with an unforeseen fashion crisis, like a stain, a broken zipper, a tear or even the elements. Here are 8 clothing tips that can help you deal with an unexpected clothing disaster.

1. The Non-Skinny Jeans with Boots Dilemma

Wearing non-skinny jeans with boots can be a drag because the bottom tends to get all bunched up. Not only it is uncomfortable but it makes your ankles look pregnant. But you can solve this by folding the bottom of your jeans either inward or outward. Then put on some tight socks and slip on your boots and voila! Problem solved.

2. Keep Your Zipper Up

Don’t you just hate it when people stop you on the street and tell you that your zipper’s down? Why were they looking at your crotch in the first place? So what causes this? You might have gained a little weight and your jeans don’t stay zipped or it might be a design flaw of the zipper (keep telling yourself that). Regardless, you can stick a key chain ring into the loop of the zipper and keep the ring concealed behind your jeans as you button up. That way can you solve the problem without looking too ghetto.

 3. Remove Those Deodorant Stains

If you are one of those women that puts her deodorant on first and then slips her shirt on, you might have ended up with those pesky deodorant stains that look like you’ve rolled around on a table full of crack lines. Next time this happens to you, get some baby wipes and pass them over the marks and they’ll disappear like magic.

4. Remove Yellow Sweat Stains

Sweat stains might look sexy on a muscular construction worker but not on women. But sweating is sometimes unavoidable and it stains your clothes. To get rid of them, spray a little water mixed with lemon before throwing it in the washer. I should caution you that this works great with white clothes and undergarments but can be just as deadly to colors as Clorox.

5. Waterproof Your Shoes

This is one of those rare occasions when beeswax is your business. Don’t you just hate it when you’re caught in a storm while wearing your brand new shoes? Materials like those used on canvas shoes or leather shoes tend to suffer from the elements but you can protect them by using beeswax to waterproof them.

6. Avoid The Runs With Hairspray

While it won’t stop the actual runs that we all dread, hairspray can actually be used to prevent your stockings from tearing. So next time you put your panty hose on, give them a little spray of VO5 or whatever product you use and it will keep them from tearing.

7. How To Get Rid Of Chewing Gum

There’s nothing worse than getting chewing gum stuck to your hair or clothes, especially if it was done intentionally by some moron in class who can’t say they love you so they played this cruel prank on you. So the best way to get rid of the gum is with ice. By making the gum as cold as ice it will be easier to remove from whatever it is the gum is stuck to.

8. Expand Shoes With Ice

If you’ve bought shoes that are simply too tight to wear, here’s what you can do. Fill two Ziploc bags with water and place them inside each shoe. Just make sure they’re sealed tight. Then place the shoes into the freezer. As the water begins to freeze, it will make your shoes expand.

We realize that looking your best can be a major pain the butt, sometimes literally, but with these tips, you’ll be able to avoid a couple of fashion obstacles so that you can go out into the world looking more stylish.

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