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8 Ways To Dress Up Your Joggers (The Pants Not The Hot Jogging Men)

celebrities-wearing-leather-jogger-pantsWhat are joggers? Don’t you mean who are joggers? No darling. Joggers are the new fashion trend of 2015. Celebrities like Kim K., Rihanna, and Kelly Rowland have been seen sporting the look. Another term you might know joggers by is track pants. The main difference is that you wear track pants to exercise and jog in while joggers are worn to make any outfit casual. Joggers are comfortable and cute. Plus they flatter any body shape, if worn right. No wonder everyone wants a pair of them.

Here are 8 ways to dress up your joggers (the pants not the hot jogging men). Even though, you can dress those jogging men down with your eyes if you want. I’m just saying.

1. Keep It Simple – Stick to black or charcoal grey. You can think of them as slacks when you are getting dressed up.

2. No Cotton Tops – Dress up your joggers with a fancy top. Look for something that is not made of cotton. Spend a bit more to walk in the room and let the outfit say, “I’m so fancy…”

3. Leather/Faux Leather – Joggers made of leather or faux leather give off a more business casual vibe. Pair it with a white buttoned down shirt. Do not tuck the shirt in.


4. Better Luxe Than Ugly– When it comes to joggers you have to keep one thing in mind. The better the material…the better you will look. Wool is my favorite and leather is a must. Spend a lot if you want to dress up your track pants.



5. Nice Pair – Who knew that wearing fancy sweatpants and high heels would work? Well it surely does. It gives you a slouchy yet slim look. Any pair of heels would work even these Michael Kors ones.


6. Lower Is Better – Instead of keeping your joggers around your waist, try lowering them below your waist a bit. Wear a loose blouse and then add a statement blazer to the ensemble. You instantly go from soccer mom to C.E.O. of a soccer team.

7. Have It In The Bag – The more show-stopping your bag, clutch, or purse is then the dressier you look. Go crazy with patterns only on the bag. A leopard print clutch will instantly class up your jogger look.

8. Black And White – This dressy color combo is a must-have when it comes to dressing up a pair of joggers. You can go black top, white bottom. You can go vice versa. Your accessories must be black and white too.

Now that you have some kind of idea on how to dress up your joggers, I expect you to rock the look the best way you can. Take risk and be comfy doing it. Do stay away from joggers that make you look as if you are wearing a garbage bag. Just look at Kim K. in the picture above. She looks like Oscar the Grouch’s cousin. What could I say though? She did end up on the best dress list. I hope this info helps you look classy in your joggers and instead of undressing a jogger with your eyes…you might be able to do that with your hands. Wink.



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