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Athleisure, The New Celebrity Fashion Trend

Athleisure is one of those buzzwords that are as ridiculous as they are descriptive. This mishmash of the words “athletic” and “leisure” refers to the fashion trend that can also be described as “gym casual” or “active wear”. Turns out that living a healthy lifestyle is cool now and practicality is in style. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at any celebrity magazine and you will see this trend endorsed by your favorite celebs.

When you think about it, Athleisure is not that new. Sure, wearing sweatpants outside of the house is traditionally unacceptable, but we’ve seen people rock their yoga pants everywhere for years now. More and more brands are getting into the game, and everyone wants to sell (and wear) athletic clothes that are practical and stylish at the same time. Finally, a fashion trend that puts comfort first! And endorsed by celebrities everywhere! Thank you, fashion gods.


Kanye West has his own line of Adidas sneakers, Kim Kardashian‘s leggings put everyone to shame and Kendall Jenner often looks like a walking Nike advertisement. In fact, Nike CEO Mike Parker has said that leggins are “the new denim”, and if we look around the trendiest shopping spots, we’re inclined to agree. Celebrities left and right are launching their own fitness wear clothing lines, like Carrie Underwood with CALIA, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and Brooke Burke’s Caelum. Sportswear is the new hot thing to attach your name to.

Smart brands are capitalizing on it, Net-a-Porter launched “Net-a-Sporter” for “chic sportswear” and #fitspo bloggers are exploding in popularity on every social media platform. It’s inescapable, athleisure is more than a trend. It’s here to stay. Marketing and celebrities will want to sell us on the idea that our lives are so active we need sportswear all the time. Because you never know when you’ll want to spring into an impromptu workout routine in the middle of the street. Or maybe it’s an easy way to let everybody know that you really go to the gym.

But we’ll always know the real reason: comfort. Finally, for the first time, wearing sweatpants is not only acceptable, it’s high fashion. Leggings are pants, hoodies are a must and the torture of high-heels has been replaced by comfy, beautiful sneakers. Another great advantage is that you no longer have to run around and hide when coming back from the gym. Active wear is now beautifully chic, it accentuates your curves and makes you look awesome while feeling comfortable. This is one fashion trend he hope that never dies.

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