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Avoiding Common Short Problems Is As Easy As Pie

Cute shorts are one of the best things about Summer. But life is not a perfect Facebook selfie and there are some downsides of wearing shorts. Mainly, that they are prone to wardrobe malfunctions and it can be impossible to be graceful about fixing them. Here’s how to avoid common short problems.


Thigh chaffing

Also known as the “chub rub”, it has nothing to do with your weight but with the shape of your legs. Sometimes when wearing shorts, you will come home at the end of the day to discover a red splotch on your thighs that no amount of moisturizer can fix. The best way to avoid this is to wear shorts that are a little bit longer. Fitted styles work better, since loose cuts will chafe your leg inside the short.

Muffin top

Often an unavoidable part of wearing tight low-waised pants, the problem is only worse with shorts. The most straightforward way to prevent this is by wearing high-waisted shorts. You will get a smoother silhouette and you will feel more comfortable throughout the day too. It’s a win-win.

Camel toe

Your shorts will ride up. There is no way around this, it’s the price we pay for walking and moving around. If you are having problems with your shorts getting stuck or giving you an awfully awkward camel toe, you may want to try a slightly looser style. They will still ride up a bit, but they will get their shape back easier.

They get saggy during the day

If your shorts fit great in the morning by become draggy by the time night comes around, look for different fabrics. Stretchy shorts will hold up their shape a lot better than those made out of fabrics without stretch.

Wrinkled front

It doesn’t matter what style or shape you choose, your shorts will get wrinkled when you sit down. To make them less noticeable, the best thing to do is to choose shorts made out of thicker and textured fabrics, such as denim or lace. If you like to wear tight shorts, go for patterned designs that will trick the eye and make the wrinkles almost unnoticeable.

Your silky shorts make you look like you are in pajamas

The best part about cute silky shorts is that they look great and they are breezy and comfortable at the same time. You do need to be more careful about the rest of your look, or it might seem like you fell out of bed and went straight to school. Avoid pastel colors and details such as drawstrings or lace to make it look less like pajamas.

You are flashing your underwear to everyone

Real talk: flimsy fabrics and light colors are often a recipe for disaster, especially on tight clothing. When you buy light-colored shorts, the tighter the fit, the thicker the fabric should be. Embroidery, crochet and other embellishments can help too. Finally, whenever you wear those white shorts, pair them with laser-cut underwear in a color that matches your skin-tone to make it virtually invisible.

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