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Beyoncé Beauty Looks To Rock In 2015

Beyonce-beauty-look-white-lace-dress-short-hairBeyoncé can do no wrong when it comes to music, beauty, concerts, and fashion. She can make a garbage bag look sexy. All I can make a garbage bag look like is a garbage bag. With her latest music video 7/11 she makes dancing in your underwear fashionably cute. That does not mean that you have the right to go out in public with just your underwear on. But…NO! You are not Beyoncé.

Here are some Beyoncé beauty looks that you can rock in 2015…without going to prison.

Glam Bey – Get ombre extensions and curl them or curl your own hair. Use a thick coat of mascara, but keep it from looking too ‘girl of the night’. Then finish it off with a nude lip. You are going for that Independent Woman music video look.

Naughty Girl – Yes we are bringing out the naughty in 2015. Give that dark smoky eye and shiny foundation look another go. Finish the look with a neon lip.

Natural – Beyoncé sported a natural jaw-skimming bob after she wrapped up her On the Run Tour. If Bey can go natural then so can you. Nude lips and a light peachy blush are all the makeup you need.

Death Becomes Her – Her Met Gala look in 2014 was to die for. You totally need to rock this look. A simple dark lip, a half beaded veil, and a light winged eye look is all you need. Just do not wear it a funeral because you will totally steal the spotlight like Beyoncé did that night.


Grunge Kitty – Flaunt her Flawless video look with the plaid shirt tied around your waist. You can go for short blond hair, and vibrant red lips with subtle light makeup that will surely make you stand out in any venue.

Grammy Couture – Her beauty look at the 2014 Grammy Awards was so beautiful. Why should you rock it? The look is simple yet elegant at the same time. A light smoky eye, a dark red lip and black eyeliner to the gods are what make this beauty look my favorite.

Keep It Pink – By now you should know that Beyoncé can pull off looking gorgeous with any hairstyle even the short pixie cut she shocked us with in 2014. One thing that makes her beauty look so ‘Beyoncé’ is her iconic glossy pink lips. She keeps them natural looking but keeps her makeup natural too. The only time she changes her makeup is when she wears couture gowns and such.

Beyoncé needs to be one of your fashion idols in 2015. Take a look at all of her beauty looks from the past because they are so on trend right now. Big hair, curly hair, short hair, wavy hair, braids, and extensions are all friends of yours. Just make sure you have pink lip-gloss. Oh, and a diva-esque attitude to match her style!

Yes she told us she is flawless so why not learn from the best? 2015 is the year of change. Change your beauty look for the better. Try one of Beyoncé’s beauty looks this year and see if you make others think you too wake up looking flawless.

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