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Break These Fashion Beauty Rules With A Passion

print-mixing-fashion-break-rulesWhen it comes to fashion and beauty these days there are so many rules to follow. If you do not follow them then society thinks you are not beautiful. You know what I say to that? To hell with it! Be a fashion rebel. Break the rules. It is better to have your own fashion identity than it is to be part of the same cookie cutter.

Here are some fashion and beauty rules that you need to break with a passion to step out from the crowd.

  • Chip Off The Old Polish – The day of perfect nails is over. I am not saying to rock a nice polished look in a while. I am just saying that nail polish that is a bit chipped and crackling is grunge chic. Break the well-manicured finger nail rule. The next time they tell you to freshen up your nail polish, just flip them off with your unique style.
  • Skirting On A Thin Age Line – The rule is no skirts for any woman over the age of 35. Break the rule now! Why? It is a lie. Show off your amazing legs. Just do not go too short with the skirt length.
  • Dread The Red Lip – Supposedly if you have red hair then you cannot rock a red lip. Who says? The best thing a red head do is piss off blondes that try to wear red lipstick. Why? The lip color does not need to match your hair. It is all about the skin tone, baby. The red lip blends well with red hair girls.
  • Too Big To Show Off – All my girls with the big bass need to break this one sided note immediately. You too can show off your body just like the treble girls. Just do it in a classy way. Show off the cleavage and legs. There is no need to hide your amazing body just because it is not a size zero.


  • Long Vs. Short – Who cares how old you are. Your hair is yours to wear however you want it. Some say that if you are older then you should cut your long hair. No. You cut the crap. Hair takes a long time to grow and if it is well groomed and styled then leave it alone. Rebel with your long locks at 40.
  • Only Dark Shades of Makeup At Night – Are you serious? Break the insanity now. I love wearing dark shades of makeup anytime of the day. Yes they look better at night but if all I have is a dark pallet at home then that is what I am using to go to brunch.
  • Accessories – Go ahead a mix them up. Your clutch does not need to match your necklace and so one. Stop being plain and little miss match-fect.

Leave the following of rules for when you are at school or at work and for some of you, for when you are at home. When it comes to beauty and fashion, do not be afraid to break the rules. Free will is a luxury so use it well. Be the trendsetter and not the end-setter.

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