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Celebrity Designers and Their Brands

fashion designIt is no secret that celebrities can do pretty much whatever they want. That being said, there are plenty of celebs that have branched out into the world of fashion to create collections that are both stunning and innovative. There are about a million different celebrity lines that have been created and most of them fair well in the commercial market. Here are three celeb designers and a peek at what their new spring lines have to offer.

  1. Gwen Stefani- this fashion maven has been part of the commercial fashion scene for years. Her innovative line, L.A.M.B. is so popular that fans have made it one of the best selling celebrity lines thus far. Her clothes are at once beautiful and functional and hip and trendy making for a perfect mix of styles. Her spring/summer 2014 collection features bright colors, bold patterns, wedge sneakers, and tough jewelry. Her brand is set to release some truly stunning pieces this spring and summer making them a great brand for just about any buyer.
  2. Selena Gomez- for some of the younger fashion icons out there, Selena Gomez’s line Dream Out Loud is set to release some fun pieces this season. Her brand features bright pastels, tube tops, overalls, team jerseys, cute tees, and more. This brand is perfect for the young adult out there that just wants to check out a great clothing line that offers tons of different pieces to choose from. This brand is fairly inexpensive which is also perfect for younger buyers that may not have tons of money to spend on clothes.
  3. Kanye West- it wouldn’t be fair to look at fashion and leave out the men all together. Mr. West has created an innovative new line that re-imagines the every day. His line features some graphic tees, leather pants, and even shoes that are great for the man that wants to stay trendy no matter what. This brand is a bit pricey and may not be perfect for everyone, but there is no doubt that this line is certainly something different.

Finding the perfect celebrity fashion line to embrace can be difficult. Celebs spend tons of time trying to create styles that are not only going to appeal to their own tastes, but also to the tastes of their fans and buyers. These celebrity fashion lines and more are going to stick around for some time and will continue to grow and evolve as overall fashions change. These celebs are no doubt working to create lines that are at once visually stunning and true to their own desires, feelings, and overall style.

~Lauren K.

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