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Celebrity Jumpsuit Fever



One size fits all. The saying is true when it comes to the fashion icon piece: the jumpsuit. The fashion piece is well named because is a suit that you can jump into. You can jump to any occasion with a jumpsuit. (Not in Louis Vuitton’s. Are you crazy?) Any color choice is great when it comes to purchasing a jumpsuit. If they are full length then pair them with a nice flat sandal or shoe. If they are knee-length or short then pair them with a stylish heel.

Celebrities love a simple jumpsuit. They can were one to go to a fashion show, an award show, or even movie premieres.

Victoria Beckham is known for taking her posh self to business meetings in an “I mean business” jumpsuit.

Miley Cyrus is known now for her crazy antics, but let us get one thing straight; the girl knows how to pull off a great jumpsuit look. She looks great in the red jumpsuit picture above that was taken at a Rachel Zoe fashion show. Miley can do no wrong. Well…only when it comes to jumpsuits.

Cameron Diaz makes red the color of choice for any look. Red goes well with her. Plus it gives any actress her age an instant youth look (not saying that she needs it).

Kim Kardashian has been seen lately rocking the jumpsuit trend. Better that then the “naked booty” trend.

Guardian of the Galaxy diva, Zoe Saldana, jumps into a jumpsuit just like the roles she plays. She is multi-talented not only in the film world but at picking the right jumpsuit. Denim jumpsuit is the choice for the new Hollywood “it” girl.



Heidi Klum can do no wrong when it comes to wearing on the perfect outfit. She can make a garbage bag look good. My favorite jumpsuit look of hers was the shiny black jumpsuit she wore at the Project Runway finale in 2011. She shined bright light a million dollar gem.

Solange, Beyoncé’s sister, decided to adorn a cream colored jumpsuit to her own wedding. To her own wedding. Now that is what I call, “jumping into a new trend.”

The great thing about a jumpsuit is that is so comfortable. Not much sprucing up is needed rocking a jumpsuit to any event. A nice necklace or bracelet is only needed. To pull of the jumpsuit look, you do need to make sure that it is fitted to your body. The last thing you want your outfit to look like is a melting bag. Imagine what Joan Rivers would say if she we still gracing the Fashion Police with her presence.

Think you can pull off the jumpsuit look? Then get on the trend.

Go out and look for the perfect jumpsuit to jump right into. Do not let the celebrities take all the limelight.

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