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Celebrity Type Gift Ideas for Under $25



Celebrities love to give Christmas gifts to their loved ones too. The only difference between them and us is that they are not crunching the numbers during the holiday season. Celebs too like to spend their money on lavish things but then they also like to buy simple things. Here are some gift ideas celebs might be planning to gift that you too can wrap up and give to your cuddle bunny, mom, dad, bff, bfflf(best friends forever like forever), pen pals, sister, brother…you get the jest of it. The great thing is that they are all mostly under $25 dollars.

1. Starbucks Gift card: The most obvious gift. Celebs are gulping down Starbucks frappes left and right. Plus it is an easy go to gift idea for someone you do not really know.

2. Roberta Chiarella Earrings: Emerald look-a-like earrings for $24 dollars? They have to be given as a gift. Blake Lively would love these. Check out the online shop robertachiarella.com for more eye-catching earrings at affordable prices.

3. Aerie Festive Undies: Comfy and cute undies available in many styles. They are $7.50 each or you can sometimes get a bundle deal 7 for $25. Keep some for you. Beyoncé loves Aerie.

4. Essie Holiday Minis Kit: Anything mini is adorable. These colorful nail polish colors are so festive.  You get 5 different colors including a glitter one. GLITTER!!! All of it is $15 dollars at Target. Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis will surely purchase these for their friends.



5. EOS, Rachel Roy Lip Balm Set: You get three lip balms – strawberry kiwi, pink grapefruit, and orange blossom.  It is a limited edition box set for $12 dollars. Julia Roberts, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani all love EOS, so they must have gotten some for their loved ones. Mine would be a gift. The celebs will surely give this set away as a stocking stuffer.

6. Festive Topshop Lipstick: These are worth $10 dollars and they hang nicely on your tree. The lip shade is red so you know Taylor Swift is going to purchase a few for Selena Gomez, Lorde, and herself. Emma Roberts will gift herself this lipstick too.



7. Emi-Jays: These iconic headbands are wonderful and retro looking. You get 5 of them at emijays.com for $13 bucks. Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Jessica Alba will surely have some of these juicy hair accessories under their tree.

8. Travalo Atomizer: Your personal perfume holder. For $12.99 it can be yours and you get up to 50 sprays of your favorite perfume. Bring it to your friend’s house who has all the celeb perfumes and sneak a scent. (Not condoning stealing but it is the season of giving right?) J.Lo, Mariah, and Britney will most likely gift these.

9. Kate Spade Saturday Zodiac iPhone 5 Case: These are great to give to the eclectic members of your family. Each case has their own unique zodiac sign. They are $25 dollars. I can totally see the Kardashian sisters giving each other these.

10. J.Crew Band-Aids: Get hurt and patch it up in style. These Band-Aids are great for anyone in the family. They are only $5 dollars so you can get one for everyone as a stocking stuffing. For sure, Nelly, will rock these Band-Aids with style. Tony Hawk might get some too.



I hope these gift ideas help you this holiday season. Shop like a celebrity with your budget.

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