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Cheap Beauty Tricks From Stylists (Shh, It’s a Secret)

If you want to look your best for less then you have to put the time into your beauty routine yourself. Sure, it would be fantastic to have a stylist available for you 24/7 (that’s like, 90% of the reason we want to become movie stars), but if that’s not possible, the next best thing is to steal the tricks from the stylists themselves. And luckily for the beauty on a budget these particular hacks will not hurt your pockets.


1. Turn any lipstick into a long-lasting one

Buying new lipstick is expensive. New, long-lasting lipstick even more so. And if you already have that shade in regular, run of the mill lipstick, it’s hard to justify purchasing a long-lasting version, right? Good news: you don’t have to. You can make any lipstick long-lasting with a simple trick. Dust a little powder in a folded tissue and press it softly against your lips to blot lipstick. This will reduce the touch ups you’ll need during the day and also keep the color off your pretty teeth.

2. Get tinted lashes at home

Instead of going to the salon for the natural, eye-enhancing look tinted lashes provide, stay at home with your regular products. Pick your favorite volumizing mascara and wipe the wand on a facial tissue several times to remove excess product. Apply as normal on your lashes and enjoy your tinted look.

3. Use a homemade body scrub

Since you are a strong, independent woman who don’t need no spa, feel free to skip the expensive body scrub and make your own. One part olive oil, two parts sugar (or coarse sea salt) and a few drops of essential lavender oil will leave your skin feeling so silky smooth you won’t be able to stop touching it. Rub it on your arms and legs before you get in the shower and then rinse with a good amount of warm water.

4. Scrub your lips too!

If you want your lip color to look as smooth and creamy as it should, you need flake-free lips before you apply your lipstick. This can be done without buying an extra product. Mix equal parts olive oil, brown sugar and vanilla extract, and massage your lips to remove dead cells and skin flakes. Remove with a tissue and you are ready to apply color.

5. Love your brushes

Good make-up brushes are expensive, but worth it, because they will last a lifetime. Or they should, if you take good care of them. First, don’t let your brushes sit with product on them for too long, as this will damage the bristles. You should also wash them regularly with a mild shampoo or dish detergent, but never let them sit upright to dry. This will make the water seep through and rot your brush, lay them flat on a paper towel instead.

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