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Find The Best Places To Shop Online

Living in the future is great. We all have tiny computers in our pockets, we can magically fly through the air to any city in the world (and complain about not having enough leg room), and we no longer have to leave our chairs to go shopping. Thanks to the Internet, we are not restricted to whatever stores happen to be in our area to find the perfect outfit. And sure, Amazon and eBay are alright, but here are some other wonderful places to go online shopping.


 1. ASOS

 If there is one advantage of online shopping, it’s choices. And boy does ASOS have them. With more than 850 brands, curvy, petite and tall lines, and a pre-owned Boutique section, you will definitely find something you like here. ASOS has its own “find your look” section, where you can mix and match their massive selection of clothing, shoes and accessories to create the perfect outfit to buy.


 2. 599 Fashion

 Shopping on a budget? Everything in this store is $5,99. And I mean everything. You will find women, men and kid’s clothing, and they even have a plus-size section. Their items come straight from the factory, so the quality is mostly good, and you will not find a better place to shop for basics. And if you are not satisfied with your purchase, they have a free exchange and return policy, so shop away!


 3. eShakti

 Two words: Custom Sizing. I know, I almost cried of happiness too. This website only offers women’s clothing, but what makes them special is that they offer sizes 0 through 36-W in each and every one of their items. Not good enough for you? You can customize your size entering your own body measurements and your height. No more weird fits! You can even choose some custom styling on some of their dresses, changing length, neckline and others. If customizing is not that important to you, but good deals are, their overstock section has returned items for sale too.


 4. LikeTwice

 If you are looking for brand name clothing at an affordable price, Twice has you covered. Find pre-owned clothes of more than 500 brands and look great while saving money. Most of their items are lightly used, but you can find some that still have the tags on them. The store sells women’s and men’s clothes, bags and shoes and makes sure every item is in good condition. And, if you have some brand name clothing just sitting in your closet, you can always sell it to them.


 5. Etsy

This will take a good amount of time filtering through awful stores, but if you are looking for truly unique items, Etsy is the way to go. Looking for artsy designs? Pop culture references? Eco-friendly clothing? One-of-a-kind dresses? If you don’t mind browsing for a while, you might find it here. Just try to avoid knock-off shops and stick to sellers that are real people, mind the ratings and return policy, and don’t be afraid to contact sellers for questions, and you’ll be golden.

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