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Get All The Hipsters To Follow Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the best places to go for fashion inspiration online. It’s also a great tool to flaunt your outfit of the day and show off how trendy you are. If you feel like your Instagram account isn’t getting enough hipster love, try out these tips to get the hippest, trendiest fashionistas to rush to like your pic before it becomes cool.


1. Get hipster-appropriate editing apps

Instagram filters are okay, but the thing about fashion is that “less is more”. Get yourself some subtle-editing apps like Litely, which is available for free for iOS. It’s ideal to sort of “enhance” your pictures without compromising the integrity of the outfit or your color palette. VSCOcam is also free and available for both Android and iOS. It features a great number of filters that are tailor made to create a specific mood in every picture.

2. Identify what you want to convey with your pictures

If you want your fashion Instagram account to get a good following, there is one simple truth you need to keep in mind: people won’t share outfits, they will share emotions. A picture of you wearing your little black dress and accessorized to perfection will get shared ten times. A faded picture of you wearing that dress and perfect accessories while staring off into the distance in a contemplative mood? That one will be shared a hundred times. It’s all about the mood you want to capture. Is that outfit made for a fast-paced, energetic day in the city? A quiet, relaxing stroll through a flower field? A cozy afternoon with a cup of tea? A night out with your friends? A romantic date? Figure out the mood and experiences you want to communicate, and use the appropriate filters and editing as well.

3. Work with different backgrounds

Your outfits are only part of the picture, the background is just as important. The right background will make your outfit pop, contribute to the appropriate “mood” and make your picture visually appealing. Once you find the perfect background, learn how to make the most of it with editing tools. For example, there’s nothing hipsters love more than colored walls (except maybe, beards). Take a picture in front of a wall the color of your choice (preferably while wearing a neutral or monochromatic outfit… oh yeah, contrast). Before uploading it, play with the temperature a bit and increase contrast to bring out the blacks and whites. Speaking of white, no Instagram account is complete without a couple of “minimalist” pictures. Set it in front of a white background, adjust the white balance so it looks really, really white and use a delicate, subtle filter. This picture will look even better if you are using a brightly-colored outfit showcasing this season’s signature colors.

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