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Get The Model Look At Home



We all see those beautiful models walk the runways in Paris, Milan, and New York. By see, I mean on television. I wish I could travel and model around the world like them. The main difference between them and me is that they have an entourage of makeup artist at their beckoning feet 24/7. I only have myself and a few makeup brushes. Achieving the model look can be tough at times. Trust me. I have tried. I have gotten close to perfecting the model look with these simple steps.

For some of us the transition from normal girl to model is as easy as wiping your face clean and combing your hair. Unfortunately, some of us are not born with it. It does not mean that we are not beautiful; it just means that we have to take extra steps to achieve model perfection.

Four tips before you get started.

•Tip 1: Know that you are beautiful no matter what. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Models are just people like us. The only difference is that they are paid to be beautiful and model clothes, shoes, makeup, perfume, underwear, etc. You too can do the same.

•Tip 2: Bring you best features forward. If you have a big nose, then make everyone love it. If you have freckles, then show them off. Enhance the things you love and cover the ones you dislike. Using contouring and highlighting you can modify the structure of your face. Find out how to do it on Youtube and Tumblr.

•Tip 3: Confidence makes anyone beautiful. Models have an aura around them. I believe that aura is confidence. Know that your beauty is priceless and that no amount of makeup can cover that up.

Tip 4: If you are a model or want to behave/look like one, let me tell you simple steps to pave your own catwalk in the modeling world.

Step 1: Practice makes pretty. Be your own makeup artist. Practice makeup techniques to bring out your best features. Look at magazines or watch modeling shows to get some tips. Youtube has a lot of makeup Gurus that can help you become a makeup artist, therefore a model. Or at least look like one. Shaaanxo, Chloe Morello, MadeYewLook, Niki Tutorials, and so many others have a fantastic grip on what makes a girl beautiful. Their techniques are flawless, and these are just normal girls who learned how to do their own makeup by practicing and watching tutorials online.

Step 2: Get basic. Buy a simple white tee, black leggings, and a pair of LV red bottom heels. The basic clothing necessities are a model’s go to. Models tend to wear basic clothes so that their natural beauty stands out.

Step 3: Keep it natural. Fresh, natural faces are what “the now” is in the modeling world. Simple moisturizer, black mascara, and nude lips. Take care of your skin from head to toe daily. Exfoliate, and use acne treatment on any part of your body that needs it. You never know when you might be asked to model nude. There is a huge difference is classy and ashy.

Step 4: Show off. Take that fresh off the runway look to a party, club, or date. Do not let the mirror be the only thing that sees your beauty.

Step 5: Do you. Wear on clothes that fit you great and compliment your fashion sense. You want to look good from head to toe. But be true to yourself. That’s something I learned from America’s Next Top Model. Photographers love a model that’s real, that has something to say, that has a lot of personality.

Step 6: Look lux for less. Just because models are seen with Prada, Gucci, Kors, YSL, and Chanel, it does not mean that you too need to rock the same fashion. Purchase according to your budget. Yes my bag is Gucci when in reality it is Jucci. Knock off is not the same as a rip off.

Step 7: I will say it again. Be confident. A smile goes a long way.

Try these steps out and see if you are on your way of becoming the next top model. We all want to be on top…one day in the modeling world.


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