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Help Your Man Look His Best: Essential Male Style Tips

You have your style nailed down to a “t”. You’ve read guides, you’ve tried countless outfits, you spent years curating your fashion choices to find your signature look. Your guy? Hum… not so much. You love him though! And now you get to help him find a style behind all those horrible shirts he’ll never be allowed to wear again. Go out shopping with him and convince your man to commit clothes genocide on mostly everything he owned so far.

1. It’s all about the fit

Something that should be obvious for men and women alike, the fit usually gets ignored by both genders. If you know what to look for in the fit, you can help your boyfriend go from “shapeless lump of fabric” to “eyecandy”. Your guy probably shies away from tight clothes and overcompensates with shirts that are a size or two too large. Shirts shouldn’t be baggy, jeans shouldn’t be saggy and tucked-in shirts shouldn’t bunch up. Don’t go the entire opposite way and get extremely tight clothing for him, though. You want to go for “trim” not “works at a massage parlor”.


2. Take him to a tailor

Speaking of fit, we all know that a properly-fitting suit takes any guy form a 6 to a solid 8 instantly. The other side of the coin is that an ill-fitting suit will make him look like a little kid playing grown up. Find a good tailor and drag your man and all his suits to get them properly altered (the suits, not your man).

3. Burn all his short-sleeved button-down shirts

Or donate them. Whichever works bets for you. Button-down shirts should always be long-sleeved, because short sleeves will make him look like a child in his church clothes. But what if it’s hot out, you say? Well, in that case you are in luck, because he can roll up his sleeves. Forearms are basically man-cleavage, he will be instantly more attractive, trust me.

4. Accessories are for men too!

Finding the perfect accessory can make or break an entire outfit. That’s a universal truth that applies to both men and women. Sure, your man might not be open to a statement necklace, but you should get him a nice watch. For his next birthday, gift him a classy watch with a leather band. Now that we all carry cellphones in our pockets, watches are becoming increasingly rare. This means that people wearing them stand out, and it makes them seem like they put thought into their outfit as a whole.

5. Find the perfect cologne

When your man smells good, you want to pounce him. And any outfit can actually look better if the guy smells nice. Find a cologne that you like, throw away his cans of Axe body spray and enjoy that new man smell.

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