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Here’s How To Embrace 2015’s BOHO Trend

BOHO, indian, hippie, urban, gypsy, call it however you want, but this is one trend that you won’t be able to ignore. 2015 came with many accessories, bold colors, fringe for days and overall … no, I wasn’t making a point … overalls where a big hit for any self-proclaimed fashion diva! But the one thing that seems to be appealing to all women is the beautiful and very feminine BOHO trend. This 70s inspired style was introduced at the beginning of the year and quickly got into everyone’s wishlist.


We began seeing these unbelievable bohemian and ethereal dresses, skirts, and tops that conveyed this idea of putting on a fresh and flowy dress, (sometimes with a crocheted detailing, or a top), like if you were a socialite walking through the beaches of Italy.


The problem with this is … most of us are not socialites, and we can’t afford to spend a ton of money on 20 different pieces that might not end up suiting our body shape, or personal style. So before you rush and get the latest top that reminds you of the Nicole Richie era in which BOHO was the word, keep reading and find out how to pull this insane trend, the right way!

Thin Goes a Long Way
Wait a second, now! We’re talking about belts! BOHO is flirty, effortless, ethereal and oh-so-loose. If you have a big buxom, you might feel discouraged by peasant necklines, and more than slouchy silhouettes which may make you look sloppy. But don’t let your naturally enhanced body get in the way of this summer’s style. Buy a thin dark faux leather belt, or a dark brown braided one and simply tie it around your waistline.


Your top or blouse will still look flowy and ethereal, but with the help of this thin belt you will avoid the ‘pregnant and adorable’ look none of us are going for. If you’re under a B cup, then BOHO is your best ally. Maxi dresses and free-fitting tops are the best option for your body. Some tops even come with an embroidery detail around the chest. You can also mix it with a fringy vest that reminds you of an era that would make Penny Lane proud.

Adopt a Free Spirited Mentality
BOHO calls for all-out transparencies, patterns, and detailing you dreamed of adding to your statement pieces. Take advantage of this tend and go all out. Maxi skirts with ruffles, embroidered arabesque detailing, two or three layers of flowery flowy pieces, and tops that slouch and orbit around your body that will make you love the summer even more.


But if you think this is too much, or you prefer a better fitting silhouette cut, then choose only one piece of clothing to make a point. If you sport a flowy BOHO maxi skirt, then put on a tight dark minimal tank top. If you go for a top with long sleeves that hangs around your body, then go for skinny jeans in a dark wash. The contrast will make you look on point. If you don’t dare to go all out just yet, then simply get a few BOHO-inspired accessories like 70s inspired glasses, fringe purses, or flat sandals. That’ll do the trick!


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