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How to Get the Perfect White Dress And Not Die Trying

white-textured-dress-fashion-beautyMany of us girls out there always have a hard time finding the perfect white dress. I do not mean a wedding dress. The white dress you wear on for the amazing White Party, or beach vacation. You cannot just get the first one you see. You have to look for the perfect fit, cut, and fabric choice. Plus not every white dress is great. Because many of us have certain flaws that get accentuated by white fabrics. Nothing to worry about, girl, because we got you covered.

Here are some tips that will help you find your own white dress.

Tip 1: A maxi-dress in white is a must. It is long, breathable, and easy to accessorize. Find one with an ombre effect at the bottom or a pretty girly floral pattern.

Tip 2: Make sure it is not see-through, unless that is what you were going for. The idea is to find a fabric that doesn’t look transparent under the sun.

Tip 3: Stay away from lace when it comes to white dresses. It can look too bridal.

Tip 4: No dark undergarments. You’re going to have to find nude panties to pull off this look appropriately.

Tip 5: Velvet white dresses are a hell no! Whoever came up with this horrible trend must be shot.

Tip 6: If you are short then no long dresses for you. It will make you look shorter. But if you find one that flows and moves when you move, buy it! Also, high-low dresses are your best friends.

Tip 7: Not all white dress fabrics are for all. A jersey stretch white dress might look good on a less curvy woman. If a curvier woman wore it she might look like a marshmallow, and we do not want Ghostbusters in our neighborhood.

Tip 8: Short sleeves and short length is a great look. Long sleeves and short length is a great look as well.. Find an asymmetric dress for an edgier more modern look.


Tip 9: Long sleeves and long length is a “what were you thinking” look. Short sleeves and long length is an okay look, though because it balances itself out. So be careful of these no-nos.

Tip 10: Look for the section in the store with white accessories. You will most likely see a mannequin sporting a white colored look. Get inspiration from that.

Tip 11: White denim dresses are a great find.


Tip 12: A white dress look can also be made by wearing on a white buttoned down shirt. Add a white belt and you are all set.

Tip 13: If living in the city, the last thing you want is a LWD (little white dress) because it will get dirty in a New York minute. IF you are brave enough to wear on white then make sure is a spill proof fabric.

Tip 14: There are many shades of white. Pick the right one for your skin tone.

Tip 15: White leather is a must darling. Even faux-white leather is sexy. You can find a spice dress. One that contains different types of fabric, such as leather and cotton. Modern, young and sophisticated.

Extra tips: If you have pale skin, never wear on a white dress. It will make you look like a ghost. Go for an off-white color.

Extra tips: If you are African-American, never wear on a white dress that is floor length. You will look like a fly in a milk glass. Go for a knee length dress with hints of color in the white dress.

Purchasing the perfect white dress should be easy now, especially with the help of these tips. Do not let anything hold you back from getting the dress you want. Well…maybe the price. Oh and NEVER wear your perfect white dress to a wedding if you are not the bride.

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