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How To Tell If You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

A properly fitting bra is probably the most important accessory on your wardrobe. The bra can make or break your outfit without you even noticing. A good fit will improve your posture, your silhouette and the fit of your clothes, while a poor fit will make you feel frumpy, create a weird shape and even cause health problems along the line. And chances are, you are wearing the wrong size, just like 80% of women in the US. Here’s how to tell your bra size is the wrong one.

1. The band rides up in the back – Most women in the wrong size bra are wearing a band that’s too large, and this is the easiest way to tell. If you are wearing the correct size, the band should be even horizontally all the way around your torso. If it’s riding up, go down a band size or two. Remember, the band should fit snugly, because it’s the part of your bra actually providing the most support.


2. Your boobs spill over your cups – If you are a victim of the dreaded “quadraboob”, or if your boobs are trying to escape through the sides or bottom of the cups. You need a bigger cup size or two. Especially if you realized you need to bring your band down a size. Remember, cups are proportional to the band, so if your band size goes down, your cup size will go up. And it doesn’t matter what TV tells you, “DD” is not a synonym with “huge boobs”, so don’t be afraid to try DD, DDD, F and up, even if you don’t think yours look that big.

3. The cups have wrinkles or dents – Wearing cups that are too large is not nearly as common as wearing cups that are too small, but it does happen. Cups need to fit smoothly over your boobs (your entire boobs, no spillage), so if they are wrinkling or denting, you need to go down a size.

4. The straps fall down your shoulders – No matter how much you pull them up again, they just keep falling down. Lots of women internalized this as just another part of wearing a bra, but it is actually a sign that your band is too big. Readjust your straps and if they keep falling down, then the band is not providing enough support and riding up.

5. The straps leave dents on your shoulders – If you are a busty lady and wearing a wrong-size bra, then you are probably suffering from dented shoulders. No matter how heavy your boobs are, the straps should never dig into your shoulders. The band is supposed to be doing the heavy lifting and, if it’s not, then the straps have to pick up the slack and this ends with painful dents. Try a band that’s a size or two smaller.

6. The underwire is poking you – This is another one of those things most women have resigned themselves to, because we think it’s just part of wearing a bra. Bras should not be painful! They are here to make our lives better not worse. If your underwire is poking or hurting you, your cups are probably too small.

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