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How Lazy Girls Plan Their Wardrobe

You want to look cute every day but you also want to be comfortable and spend less than ten minutes getting dressed. What’s a girl to do? Lazy girls can still look trendy without sacrificing comfort, it only takes better (and lazier) planning when setting up your wardrobe. So let’s get lazy together and check out these lazy-girl- beauty hacks!

Machine-washable is not optional

Let’s face it, you are not going to dry clean anything because who has time to do that? Not to mention it’s expensive and another annoying chore you have to add to your to-do list. When buying new clothes, stick to machine-washable stuff. Wash your clothes with cold water and use a gentle cycle in the dryer, that way everything will last longer (and you won’t have to buy new things for a while).

If you are not comfortable in it, get it out of your closet

Go to your closet right now and take out that dress that keeps falling off, those jeans that press against your hips, all your high-heels and every other piece of uncomfortable clothing. You don’t have to throw them away, but maybe store them somewhere else to make room for the comfy clothes that you will actually wear. Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t worry, flats and comfy shoes are really trendy right now, as are boxy shirts and dresses. You won’t be out of options.


Stick to a neutral color palette

You know what’s annoying? Finding tops and bottoms that match. If you stick to a neutral color palette, everything in your closet will match! You can pick one signature color to make things pop and spice it up once in a while, but still be able to pull two random pieces while you are half-asleep and make them work together.

Dresses and rompers are your best friends

While we are on the topic of matching tops and bottoms, you can avoid that hassle altogether with dresses and rompers. You will look cute, feminine and like you put effort in your outfit, when all you did was slip into a tube of fabric. Just make sure you are comfortable in them, you don’t want to be pulling your dress down to avoid flashing everyone.

No embellishments

Buttons and zippers are a hassle. Or at least, they seem like it at six in the morning when you can barely open your eyes, much less recall how to use fine motor skills. Nowadays stretchy fabrics, drawstring pants and baggy shirts are really trendy, so you can stick to clothing you can put on and pull off in seconds. But other embellishments are annoying too. Embroideries can snag, graphics can crack and beads and sequins will fall off and that can make you look sloppy really fast. Metallic leather can give you the sparkle without the hassle, while prints will liven up the outfit at no risk of falling off.

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