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How To Look Like a Model (And Not Die Trying)

First of all, let me start by saying that the term ‘model’ is being taken lightly in this article. Model to me is nothing more than an exagerated, airbrushed, well-rested version of what we want to be. But who taught us that we should look for beauty out there, and want to be only ONE single way? Tall, skinny, fit, curvy, have thick hair, big lashes, pink lips and cheeks, beautiful eyes and perfect nails. Who is it that has been brainwashing everyone into thinking that ‘beauty’ means ‘model’ and you can only model if you have those extremely narrow requirements? Society.

So I am not here to teach you how to starve, put on extensions, fake nails, fake boobs, and go to the gym 20 hours a week. Unless you want to and it is being done in a healthy way. But I simply use the term ‘model’ as this beautiful angel that struts the runway sporting an amazing designer gown while 20 pounds of silky shiny hair strut alongside while a beautiful pearly-white smile adorns the entire look. I compiled a list of items and tricks that will make you feel as if you just got a call from someone in Paris, ready to shoot you for Vogue, and you are simply, ready to go.

 Take good care of your skin. Following a skin care regime turns your skin from plain to WOW. Models have one thing in common: amazing hair and skin. This is achieved with healthy eating and the results you can expect from these stunning creams we are so fortunate that science created for us. Thank you, labs from around the world! Aesop’s Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream is by far, every model’s dream come true.



Hair is in the eye of the beholder. Or something like that. But hair needs to look pristine and the only way you can get this naturally is by eating the correct foods. Salmon, fish in general, green leaves, avocado, olive oil, flax seeds and peanut butter all work amazingly when it comes to restoring your hair and skin’s condition. You will certainly whip you hair back and forth with Kerastase’s Masquintense. An amazing hair treatment that smells like heaven.




The base of any look is the Fundation. God, I know, I made a pun and I SO meant it. All joking aside, foundation IS the way to go from looking like you just woke up and have a nasty flu, and looking like this lovely spring vision that was just kissed by an angel. Maybelline is the best option for evening out your skin tone because their bases are super light and non oily. If you’re not into foundation then go for a BB Cream.



And the last tip is to dress taller, and more proportionate. It sounds easy and it is, if you pay attention and take note: High waisted jeans. Skinny and bootcut jeans. Dark denim colors. Leggins (matte). High heeled boots. Combat boots. Leather jackets with no excessive details on them. Straight lines, clean colors, no patterns unless they are subtle and very simple outfits is exactly how models dress outside of the catwalk. You’ve done it all? Congrats! You, missy, look like a gorgeous model!

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