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Neon Moon Is The Feminist Underwear Line Of Your Dreams

“Not everything is about being sexy or being objectified for the male gaze”, said Hayat Rachi, founder of the unapologetic and feminist brand of lingerie Neon Moon. The British entrepreneur got fed up with the expectation that women have to be sexy all the time, even in their undies at home. So, instead of burning her bra, she created her own line of non-sexualized lingerie for women of all body types, those who like body hair and transwomen, or anyone that wants cute, comfy knickers. An inclusive, non-sexist underwear line? Yes, please!


Rachi got the funding for her underwear line with the help of Kickstarter, and she reached her goal of £5,000 with 18 days left in the campaign. It really goes to show you what women want. And what we want is to be comfortable in our bodies. The first collection is called Mon Dieu and it is being modeled by actual real women instead of the “real, but really airbrushed models” that we are so used to seeing. What’s more, the models are seen smiling, confident and in natural poses instead of the “high-fashion” contortions that are designed to eliminate even the tiniest possibility of a belly roll or folded skin.

Neon Moon’s first line of lingerie is not made from satin and lace, like most “sexy” undies. Instead, it uses sustainable bamboo fabric because it’s not only eco-friendly, it also has antibacterial properties and it conforms to the wearer’s body. You won’t find underwire or padding here either, as getting the “perfect” cleavage was not one of Rachi’s concerns when designing these bras. She was concerned, however, with finding fun, vibrant names for the models. The styles have francophile sounding names like Non!, Coucou or Bof.”They are really vibrant and fun words to pronounce”, said Rachi. “Which works well with the vibrant colors of the bras and knickers”. The first line comes in black, orange and chartreuse, so it’s definitely vibrant.


Rachi explains why she felt driven to create Neon Moon “I found it difficult to find a lingerie brand that shared the same ethos as myself”, she said. “Empowerment, body confidence and the non-objectification of women”, she explained. “So instead of succumbing to the body-shaming, sexualized and objectifying lingerie on the market, I used my frustration to start my own brand”.

Her project received a fair amount of press and even actress Zoey Deschanel shared an article about Neon Moon on her six-million-follower Facebook page. With that amount of exposure, it’s easy to see how the Kickstarter campaign was backed so fast. But it’s more than that. According to Rachi, it’s also a sign that “people do not agree with the sexualization and objectification of girls within the lingerie industry”.

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