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One Size Does NOT Fit All (Brands That Carry Plus Sizes)



Shopping can be so much fun especially when you go with friends. What really sucks about shopping with friends is that sometimes they all find a cute outfit and I am left in my Cinderella rags because I am a bit curvier. I love my curves. I just need clothing stores to embrace the curve movement too. Our money is the same too. It is so embarrassing when every one of your friends find a matching top and there is none for you because my bosom buddies will not fit.

Most of the time I have to shop on-line for plus-size clothing, and half of the time the clothing is not the right fit. I want to be able to try it on in the store. Oh, and do not get me started on the unfair price hike. Well, since I already did. Why does something cost $5 to $10 dollars more just because it is a few sizes bigger? The extra fabric? Really? All it does is make me feel bad for being a little curvier than others. Why do I have to pay more and miss out on sales because my body does not fit the norm?

There are only a few top brand stores that offer affordable plus size clothing which I guess I should be grateful for. The only bad thing about them is once again I have to go on-line since they either are nowhere nearby or just do not have the plus-size section available in store.

Here are a few that I love to shop at:

  • Modshop – They have a new clothing line that they collaborated with Nicolette Mason. She is a famous fashion blogger with a retro style look. The line is special because it offers everything from size OMG to 30. You can get five amazing must-have pieces for fewer than $380 bucks. Did I mention it includes an awesome pink coat?


  • One Stop Plus – Variety of things from maxi dresses to shoes.
  • Torrid – get the rocker chic look.
  • Forever 21+ – online only shopping. The accessories are worth it.


  • Monif C – bathing suits for a curvy girl are a must have from Monif C. They fit so perfectly. These bathing suits will bring all the guys to your yard while you sip on your milkshake.
  • H&M+ – online only shopping.  Accessories are not available for plus-size yet.
  • Eloquii, Ashley Stewart, and Deb are other places to look at too.

Just because top brand stores do not offer curvier options of clothing does not mean you do not have to shop there. Voice your right to be heard and tell them you want sizes other than “where’s your body” to “size 4 perfect”. The woman body comes in all shapes and sizes. Money only comes in one. Add the plus sizes to your line and you will see a huge plus in your sales line.

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