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Our Theory On Kylie Jenner’s Big Lips



When you have big lips like Kylie Jenner there is no need for them to actually open and talk because all you need in one picture for everyone else to do the talking. I guess she learned from her sister Kim Kardashian, who recently told everyone (not actually) to kiss her ass by posing for the PAPER magazine cover. These Kardashian-Jenner sisters are taking over the world it seems. They are on television, they are on radio shows, they are on magazine covers, and now they are the face of many beauty products. Kylie Jenner has now taken over Instagram and Twitter it seems because of her latest photo.

In the above photo, people are speculating that Kylie has had lip implant surgery. What do you think?

I think…I do not care. They are her lips. In all honesty, I think she used some makeup tricks to achieve the look. I do not think that someone will purposely go for the Melanie (Antonio’s wife) look. If you do then…really?

Because of all of the hate, backlash, and negative comments she has gotten on the photo, Kylie took the photo off of Instagram.  She has even told her followers to stop talking about her lips. She is “bored.” She “wants [you] to get [your] lives together.” She even tells them that “there is more important s*#t to talk about.” Unfortunately, the world is obsessed with celebrities and their lives. Plus we all know that she loves the attention. If she didn’t she would have not posted the picture in the first place.

Here are some ways that Kylie might have made her lips look bigger than normal.

  • Did she draw a lip line outside the edge of her lips and fill it in with lipstick to make them look bigger?
  • Lip injections?
  • Did she Photoshop them? (It might be too difficult to do.)
  • It could be one of those big lip candies from a goof shop.
  • A bee sting?
  • Lip Plumper gloss from M.A.C. cosmetics?
  • A good punch…of color from a bright red lip shade?
  • Did Miranda Sings do her makeup?
  • It could be a camera angle?
  • Blowing…too many kisses to her fans?
  • Talking too much? (too harsh…nah.)

Those are some great speculations. Which one do you think it is?

Either way you look at it, Kylie is doing something right. With her mouth closed she promotes herself. Negative press is always good press.

If her older sister, Kim Kardashian, can crack a smile on the cover of a magazine and almost break the internet, then Kylie Jenner cannot crack a smile and break a few thin lipped girls’ hearts. Kylie may be mad for all the press she is getting about her lips, but as they say in the real world, “better those lips than the other ones darling.”

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