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Phone Apps For The Fashionista In You

Being a fashionista is a lot of work. Trends come and go so fast you barely have time to notice. Being able to perfectly match your shoes to your nail polish is a feat worthy of praise, and keeping an eye out for deals on all of your favorite stores is really time-consuming. Not all of us have the energy to make it happen, but we still want to look our best when we go out. This is where your phone becomes your best friend.


Stylect (free, iOS)

Named “the Tinder of shoes”, this app will help you find the perfect pair of shoes in just a few swipes. Browse more than 50,000 different shoe styles that go from big name designers to lesser known brands. You can narrow your search based on your style, likes, color and price. Quickly determine if you love or hate a pair and create wish-lists of your favorite items. When you finally fall in love with the perfect pair of shoes, don’t waste any time and make the purchase directly through the app.

Go Try It On (free, iOS)

If you have an important event and are in sore need of fashion advice, this is the app for you. Take a picture of your outfit and blur your face to protect your anonymity directly through the app. Then, simply post it for the other users to give you constructive criticism and vote whether you should “wear it” or “change it”. If you are not ready for perfect strangers to see your look, you can also keep it private and share it only with friends. This app is incredibly addictive, not only to double check your daily looks, but to offer fashion advice and get inspired by other fashionistas.

The Hunt (free, (iOS)

Have you ever seen the perfect jacket on Instagram but had no clue where to find it? This app will let you post a picture so that the collective effort of the community will help you find any item you want. Members will post direct shopping links and chic alternatives, so you can choose what works best. You will also be able to follow trending hunts and purchase trending items as well. If you are having trouble styling that one trendy hat you bought on impulse, the community will also help you style, accessorize and refine your outfits.

What’s my Size? (free, iOS)

Vanity sizing is a real problem and figuring out your size across hundreds of brands can really be a hassle. This is only made worse with online shopping, as you don’t get the luxury of trying things on before you buy them. This app will let you input your measurements and preferred fit in order to get your size in more than 500 different brands. If you don’t know your measurements, don’t worry, you can also input your size in one brand to see how it will translate in all the others.

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