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Purses That Make Others Purse Their Lips With Jealousy

Fendi-bag-bugs-fashion-purseI got my Fendi bag. I got my Gucci bag. I got my Prada bag. Awe, you got your ‘Nada’ bag. There are many purses worth owning or as I like to call them, my babies. Some have names worth mentioning and others just do not. Purses are what tie an outfit together whether it is a small clutch bag or a massive hand bag. You can look like a hot mess but as long as you walk out with your name brand accessory, you are all good. No one will look at how your bedroom slippers clash with your nightgown. The yellow Prada bag is the star and you are its assistant. The bag is making sure that every other person in town envies you because you own the sweet decadence they wish they had.

Here are some purses that make others purse their lips with jealousy.

Hermes Birkin Ostrich Bag – This is the rich bitch of all handbags. With just one look, everyone will want to be your minion just to be close to the bag. The bag is worth anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 dollars. They are made to order and you can make it out of crocodile, lizard, and ostrich (pictured below). Hello, Cruella Deville.


Chanel Quilted Tote Bag – It is pronounced Chanel not channel. Back off! This quilted tote bag is such a statement piece. It is worth up to $4,000 dollars or a good night out present from Mr. Big.


Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag – It comes in 8 colors, including green. Punch that envy into their face with your $3,000 dollars bag. Everyone wants the bag in 2015. Be one of the few on the block. I want the yellow one to electrify the night sky with beauty.


Louis-Vuitton New Age Traveler – This is one backpack people will stab you in the back for. Why? It is worth $26,000 dollars! The phone cords are like a reminder to people to stop calling with their jealousy. This would be a ‘let me take a selfie’ kind of backpack for me. I will be fine with people being jealous at me through the internet too. Why else would I own such an expensive backpack? School is for people who buy backpacks from JCP.


Saint Laurent Alligator Medium Betty Bag – Look at the pop of color this bag has and the shine of ‘I dare your to say something’ that it has. It is worth 12,550 dollars at Barney’s. No not the big purple dinosaur, even though it looks like the bag was made from him. Get is at Barneys New York.


Do you own any of the above mentioned bags? Do not answer. I can tell from your pursed lip. Are you jealous? Get your own. You can even find places that rent out name brand bags for the day. Be one of the people who own a purse that make others purse their lips with jealousy. No more Nada bags, darling. Welcome to Prada! Stop crying. You are going to ruin my bag’s swag.

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