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How To Rock Any Dress With A Strapless Bra

Want to hear a joke? Strapless bra. Strapless dresses are incredibly cute and sexy but they can be really difficult to wear. Especially for busty ladies, since strapless bras just don’t want to do their job. The bad news is that strapless bras will never offer the same support as their regular counterparts. The good news is that they can be good enough to hold everything up, if you know how to pick them. Here is how to rock a strapless bra in any dress.

Throw away your convertible bras

Or, keep wearing them, but with the straps. Regular bras and strapless bras are completely different beasts. They are structured differently and they hold up the weight in a different way. As great as the idea of a convertible bra sounds, the reality is that they never work and in practice, you are better off buying a strapless bra that can hold up on its own.


Make sure the band is right for you

Even with regular bras, most of the support comes from the band. In strapless bras, the band is the only support you have, so it must be the right size. And that means going down a size from what you normally wear. You want it as tight as possible, as long as it’s not painful or uncomfortable. Make sure it’s made from a sturdy material that won’t stretch out or budge under pressure. If you have larger breasts, you may want to look into a wider band. The wider the band, the more support it will offer. Go for longline bras, bustiers and strapless bodysuits to keep your girls pointing up.

Wear the right top

No matter how good your bra is, if your top is putting extra weight in the wrong place, it will fall down. Tops with heavy embroidery and other embellishments are probably a bad idea without any straps to support them. The cut of the top or dress is important too. If the dress or top is tight on your chest but loose on your waist, the bra will probably fall down and you’ll spend most of the night trying to discretely hold it up. Your best bet is to find a dress or a top that is fitted at the waist. You want your hips to be supporting the garment, not your bra.

Make sure the cups are the right material

Sometimes when you are wearing a strapless bra, there is a visible ridge under your clothes that completely ruins the look. To avoid that, try to wear a bra with an unlined cup, as opposed to molded and padded cups. You can also try buying a bra with lace, which can soften the transition and make your bra invisible, as long as the fabric of the top is not too flimsy or thin.

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