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Are You Ruining Your Outfit Without Even Realizing It?

It doesn’t matter if your outfit is on point and your hair and make-up are flawless. Sometimes one tiny detail is all it takes to make your look go from fab to drab in a second. Here are some ways you might ruin your outfit if you are not paying attention.


Weird bumps on your shoulders – If you regularly hang your sweaters and cardigans, you might actually be damaging the knit so it becomes misshapen. The result is those weird bumps on your shoulders that won’t go away, no matter how much you press them. The solution is simple: stop hanging your knits. Fold them neatly and keep them on a shelf or drawer in your closet.

Cheap-looking belts that come with the garment – Some pants, dresses and skirts are sold including a belt to create the illusion of higher value. The truth is that those thin, faux leather belts look exactly as cheap as they are and will bring your entire outfit down. Invest in a couple of good quality belts that you can wear with different outfits, you will look infinitely more put-together.

Belt loops on your dress – No. These should never exist. Especially if they are those stringy loops that look incredibly cheap. The truth is that you don’t need belt loops on your dress, they are there only as a guide, not to hold the belt up. You don’t need a guide either, just tie the belt around your natural waist and you will be fine. So, get a pair of scissors and cut those loops off.

Your hang-loops keep poking up from under your armpit – Of course every time you wear that dress you hide the hang-loops under the garment. And of course they will keep showing up anyways because they have their own plans and they all include ruining your outfit. The solution is to cut them off and get rid of them for good. To hang your dresses, invest in some felted fuzzy hangers that keep your clothes from falling down or getting creases. If your dress is strapless or has stretchy straps, simply fold it.

The flaps on the back of your jacket are still sewn together – Cut them loose now. The flaps on blazers and jackets usually come sewn with those little thread Xs only to protect the garment, not as a design choice. The manufacturers are trying to get the jacket to reach your closet without weird creases or tears caused by the rough ride from the factory. Carefully cut and remove them as soon as you get home and enjoy your new jacket.

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