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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Under $25

tornado-cocktail-shaker-stirrer-drink-giftI love giving gifts to people. I love giving gifts that are amazing at an affordable price. Let us be honest with each other, we all know that we adore the person who ever invented the idea of Secret Santa. If you do not know the idea of Secret Santa then you must be Jewish. (Just kidding.) Secret Santa is basically a gift exchange among family, friends, or co-workers where you pick a person’s name out of a bag and keep hush. There is a spending limit and you gift them their present secretly.

Here are some great gift ideas for a $25 dollar Secret Santa gift exchange.


  • Nutella Kit: A 13 oz. jar of Nutella ($8.99), a Nutella spreader ($2.50) and Nutella Recipes: The Ultimate Collection Book ($11.50). Perfect gift for the ones who love to spread all the gossip around.
  • Cellfie Cross Stitch: Such a pun gift for the vain among you. It is only $3 dollars.


  • Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball: Have a laugh among friends this holiday season. Pass the ball around and break dreams for only $12.50.
  • Tornado Cocktail Shaker: This is for the office drunk, or the booze lover in the house. It looks fancy for a good price in case they smash it. It is worth $12 dollars at amazon.com.
  • Celebrity Head Stickers: Great for the obsessed celeb stalker. Now they can say they got head from certain celebs. It only cost $12 dollars.


  • Coffee Kit: Great for the coffee runner because you get a $10 dollar gift card to Starbucks and the Merry F-ing X-mas Tumbler from Urban Outfitters for $4 dollars.
  • USB Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer: For $15 bucks at thinkgeek.com you can get this amazing cooler/warmer that fits a coke can inside. It is a perfect gift for the gamer or constant nagger who is never satisfied with a cool beverage.

Two more selfie taker options:

  • Gold Polaroid Magnets: Make any picture look elegant with these magnets. They are only worth $19 dollars.


  • Selfie Stick: Use the selfie stick to take the perfect family picture, work picture, or friend picture. In my case an actual selfie will do. It is only worth $20 dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Then there is this option:

  • Nothing: You read right. Nothing. You do not celebrate Christmas but were told by your boss to participate more, so you pulled a name out. #theirproblem

I hope you have an amazing Secret Santa gift exchange among any group you decide to have it with. Make your gift unique, fun, and make sure it stands out by putting a smile on the gift receiver’s face. Get to know you Secret Santa person, to make their holiday special. BE warned: you might get a crap gift, or worse…a gift card. Happy Holidays.

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