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Shopping on a Budget

jeansThough buying the most expensive, trendy, and up to date clothes may seem like the best and only option for your growing wardrobe, there are actually several pieces that you can purchase that don’t have to be so pricey. The key is knowing which items can cost less without wrecking your style. There are three basic pieces that can cost much less without making your overall wardrobe look cheap.


  1. Basic Jeans– though designer jeans are snazzy and fun to look at, most people cannot afford $150 per pair. Though buying designer jeans may not be all that much of a bad idea as jeans do last a long time, you can get away with buying basic jeans that have no embellishments for much cheaper. These jeans can cost as little as $30 bucks and still look great without cleaning out your wallet.
  2. Basic Tees– another item that can cost much less are your basic layering tees. Though it may be tempting for some to buy a $300 white tee from the Kanye West line, it is wholly unnecessary. Basic tees are great for layering, for wearing under more expensive jackets, and for just every day wear. Because these tees are rarely the overall focus of an outfit, you can safely get away with buying cheaper tees so you can spend more money on the items you will be layering over them.
  3. Basic Dresses– just about anything basic can cost less without spoiling your style. Jersey dresses and maxi dresses are no exception to this rule. If there is nothing exceptional about them, do not pay triple what they are worth just because of a designer label. Basic dresses are a perfect example of an item that can cost a fraction of what a designer piece costs without losing any integrity or overall value.

These items are great for your basic wardrobe. As mentioned here, it does not have to cost a fortune to build the basics of your overall wardrobe. It is far better to use basic pieces that are cheaper then pepper in more expensive extras to dress up the cheaper wardrobe. Finding great fashion does not have to mean that you are going to live paycheck to paycheck. Using cheaper basic items that are going to be dressed up with more expensive pieces is the best way to get the most for your money while looking like a million bucks.


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