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Shorts Versus Skirts: When To Wear Which One

short-versus-skirt-fashion-clothingWhen it comes to shorts versus skirts, what side are you on? I am neutral. Hello, ‘skorts.’ The problem with having these two articles of clothing to choose from is not knowing which one to wear with a specific top or shoe.  Shorts and skirts are both decent and indecent depending on the surroundings. Shorts should not be so short that everyone can see your butt cheeks hanging out or worse. Skirts should not be so short that they end up looking like a headband.

Which one should you wear to a specific place? Keep on reading and find out below.

Pool Party – shorts or skirts can be worn. There is no preference here as ‘informal’ is the way to go.

Beach – shorts should be worn at the beach. They are the safer choice. You don’t want to be flashing your panties to the world!

Mall – skirt but not too short. You can wear shorts too if the mall is in Miami. It is the normal look over there. Just do not forget to pair them with your chancletas (flip-flops).

Church – skirts all the way. A pencil skirt or below the knee type skirt is the way to go. If you wear shorts, you might give the priest a heart attack.

School – skirts because it is more lady-like. Leave the shorts for physical education class.

Work – skirts unless your job requires you to wear shorts. The skirts pictured below are great skirt options for work.


Sport Activity – You can wear on skirts but make sure you have some shorts underneath to prevent visual accidents.

Jogging – shorts because skirts/skorts have a tendency of riding up when you run. You do not want to flash anyone especially when running uphill.

Award Ceremony – skirt. Please never accept an award in shorts.

Beach Wedding – a skirt unless the bride requests jean shorts.

Farm Carnival – jean shorts all the way with a button down plaid shirt.

Meeting The Parents – skirt because it is more respectful. Shorts might come off too hoochie momma-ish.

Job Interview – skirts of course. Just make sure the interviewer is looking at you and not between your legs because of the skirt being too short, baby.

Bar – shorts because they are more protective in a crowded atmosphere.

Lay On Grass – shorts. No one wants ants crawling up their skirt.

Sitting on the floor – shorts. No peek-a-boo needed.

Dancing – neither. Wear a form-fitted dress or jeans. Make the top sexy. You can drop it like it’s hot with no problem.

Shorts like the one below are acceptable on certain girls. These certain girls are in the age group of 18-25. I would still consider them way too short but they’re trending right now.


Do not get all crafty with your shorts or skirts. If they were sold to you at a certain length then keep them that way.

Skirts are meant to be worn with flats or semi-heeled shoes. Shorts can be worn with any shoe except combat boots, wedges and ballet slippers.  Never wear flip-flops with skirts because it will give you that ‘don’t stand next to me’ look.

No one ever said that you cannot have both a skirt and a short. Own both articles of clothing just know when and where to wear which one. Not every occasion calls for a skirt and vice versa.

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