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Spring Into 2015 Fashion Must-Haves You Don’t Have

light-colored-clothing-paris-boutiqueA new year, so you know what that means? It is time to burn all the clothes in your closet and replace them with a non-stoppable spring collection. Okay, okay…we do not have to burn all your clothes but can we at least do a little spring cleaning in that bleak closet of yours. Why do you want my help? I can totally foresee must-have fashion items, plus I am wonderful. Duh.

Here are some must-haves that you do not have.

Denim Heaven: The Denim Jacket is back this spring. Not just any plain denim jacket will do. It has be a faded denim jacket. Be ahead of the trend by styling yourself in many shades of denim. Even down to your shoes.

Mix Match Fash: What is that? It is a popular spring style where you mix sweaters with track pants for example. You also mix patterns, prints and material. It is urban-chic and totally going to spring into 2015. For this you just keep 6 clothing items in your closet that are unique in style and they fit well on you. Also make sure that they have spring colors.

Graphic Boots: Spring 2015 is the season of statement boots. Ankle boots to be exact. No more plain black or brown leather boots. You need to get graphic pattern styles like Tommy Hifiger ankle boots. Be the star this spring.


Thrifty Nifty: Go to your local thrift shop and look for a nice lightweight spring jacket. Make sure it is not a long jacket. About waist high is perfect. Show off your body this spring. No covering up needed, of course I mean hiding your assets with extra clothing.

No Cringe When It Comes To Fringe: You need a fringe suede jacket. Why? Because you just do. It makes any outfit look ten times cooler.

Child At Heart: Disney is not just for kids. So this spring, start rocking your favorite Disney character on statement sweaters and shirts. My favorite is this Ursula sweater from Bobby Abley’s 2015 Spring Collection.


Red Fever: Spring is known for its nice vibrant sunny colors. Switch it up and be a rebel this spring. Add red into the color lineup. A nice red scarf or even red maxi dress will be a great fit.

Accessories Please: Keep the accessory usage at a minimum. Let the outfit do all the work. Accessorize with your makeup colors instead.

There are 3 Must-Haves that your closet cannot do without. A flirty sweater, and by flirty I mean not too thick and bulky. Peach or pastel colored skinny jeans. Last but not least, a revisable wrap skirt with an abstract pattern. Why all three? They pair well with any article of clothing you might choose to wear.

Now that you have some of the fashion items that are surely going to be blooming in the streets this spring, go plant a heel on the urban garden. Sow your fashion style down that runway, or in your case…the sidewalk.

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