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Sweat in Style for Less – Revamp Old T Shirts

463652757Why pay more for a workout shirt when you can craft your own? Using old shirts in your drawers or unique thrift shop finds, you can make the perfect workout shirt in just a few simple steps!

T shirt

1. Pick the perfect shirt
Dig through your closet and pick out a shirt that could benefit from a makeover. Make sure it’s made of breathable fabric and has a loose fit. If you’re nervous about altering your clothes, choose a shirt that you’re not too attached to for practice. Fun colors and designs can take your workout to a whole new level!

2. Design your shirt
Lay the t shirt flat on the ground with the front facing up. Think about the problems you’ve had with previous workout shirts. Is the neck too tight? Do the sleeves bunch up? Is the shirt too long? Want a more open back? All of these changes are possible! Take your marker and lightly sketch your alterations for the perfect shirt. If you want a wider neck, mark a wider collar. If you want a shorter shirt, use your marker to make the hem shorter. If you want to rid your shirt of sleeves, decide how large you want the arm opening and sketch it, using the sleeve stitches for guidance.

3. Cut away!
Using the guidelines you made with the marker, carefully cut along the lines. Be sure to take it slow, since cotton can easily bunch and cause uneven lines. Stay as close to the drawn lines as possible, doing your best to cut away the marker. When you’re finished, turn the shirt over and lay it flat. Are the lines even? If not, clean them up by trimming along the edges.

4. Try it on
How does it look? Remember, you can always change your shirt if you’re not happy with it. Are the armholes too small? Take your scissors and widen them. Are the armholes and neck too big? Using your scraps, you can loop a ribbon of fabric through one arm hole, across your back, and through the other arm hole and tie it to create a sleeker look.

How does it look? Try it with the rest of your old shirts to create a perfectly customized workout wardrobe!

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