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The Perfect Pair Of Shoes For My Outfit Of Choice

pointed-heels-black-jeans-outfitMy dilemma today is one of many days. What shoes do I pair with my outfit? I know it sounds simple to do but trust me, it is not. Yes, there are those days when you just do not care which shoes you put on as long as they get you from point A to point B. Then you have those days when you do care because it is your first date after ten years of being single and you want to make a good impression. We all know that a heel can make an outfit look ten times more elegant than normal. We also know that a heel does not look good with sweat pants darling.

Here are some tips to pair the perfect shoe with your outfit choice.

Try not to match everything. If your scarf, shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes are all one color then you might as well go out in an onesie. So if you have on a black top and white shorts then you can pair the outfit with black heels, or suede sandals.

Shoes should complement an outfit and vice versa. Do not make it a boxing match between your shoes and outfit. If your outfit is loud then pair it with a subtle light shoe. If your shoes have embellishments and are Gaga-ish then pair them with a quiet outfit.

Know your setting. Business attire or formal dresses do NOT get paired with flip-flops. Heels do not belong at the park, not even if it is an event in The Hamptons.

High-waisted shorts pair well with wedge shoes/heels. They do not look good with flip flops.

Maxi dresses pair well with flats or flip-flops. Why wear heels or any other extravagant shoe if they are not going to be seen? Duh.

The little black dress in my opinion pairs well with black, silver, red, pink, or gold stilettos. But depending on the dress, a nice pair of flats do the trick.

Keep it simple when it comes to day dresses. Flats, sandals and mini-heels will look great with day dresses. Try not to purchase shoes with too many embellishments.


Jeans pair well with any type of shoe. Just make sure the shoe enhances your look.

Leather boots and leather pumps go well with anything leather and jean like. They do not go well with below the knee skirts and suede anything.

Pick the right color. Brown shoes go well with earth tone outfit colors. Tan shoes go well with blue, white, and lighter earth tone outfit colors. Cream shoes go well with pastels. White shoes are perfect for WEDDINGS! Red shoes go well with jeans, and black clothing. Silver shoes pair well with purple and blue clothes. Yellow and green shoes pair well with Halloween outfits.

Now that you know what shoe goes with your outfit, I hope you walk right into the arms of a perfect stranger who will admire your beauty and bold shoe choice. Forget about diamonds; shoes are a girl’s best friend. Why? Diamonds can be stolen in a heartbeat. At least you can run away in your shoes.

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