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Things People Only Wear At Coachella

The music festival to end all music festivals is here again, and with it some of the most… original fashion choices. Coachella is a place to have fun, bond with friends and strangers alike, listen to great music and express yourself through the oddest style combinations you can think of. Because when it comes to fashion, anything that happens at Coachella, stays at Coachella. Here are some examples of things people only wear at the festival, kindly modeled by your favorite celebrities.


Leather vest with nothing under it

Or, if you are feeling modest, with a bikini top under it. Bonus points if you pair it up with a giant necklace and/or “Native American style” accessories. Double the bonus points If you are white.


More scarves than you could reasonably need

One for your head, one for your neck, another one as a… belt? Heck, just for the sake of it, throw in half a dozen more, you never know when you’ll have a scarf emergency, and you want to be prepared.


Cat ears

Show the world how quirky you are by adding a tiny uncommon accessory to your otherwise immaculate outfit. If you add a tail you have gone too far, though.


Flower crown

Coachella is probably the last safe haven for the elusive flower crown. Once seen everywhere, from university campuses to cafes, the flower crown started dwindling in numbers when people finally realized how ridiculous they were. Luckily, you can still wear them in the carefree atmosphere of music festivals.


Bandana belt

Forget the scarf belt, if you want to be bold, it’s all about the bandana. Make sure to keep the rest of the outfit minimal, so it won’t distract from your bold choice of belt. Don’t even wear a shirt, or you’ll risk it covering your bandana belt.


Fringe everything

Newcomers and people unfamiliar with Coachella will think that a classic swede fringe jacket is enough. But that is barely enough. You need fringe purse, bag, boots and top, at the very least. Your goal is to be covered in fringes from head to toe. You can combine it with cowboy boots, hat, “ethnic” jewelery and sunglasses to complete your Coachella uniform.


Jewelery that weights more than your entire outfit

Music festivals are hot, crowded places, so you want to keep your outfit cool and breathable. This, of course has the downside of leaving you less fabric to actually make a statement with. Enter statement jewelery. If you can find a necklace that covers your entire top, you are doing this right. Complete with more bracelets than you can count and rings for good measure. You want to aim for complete exhaustion at the end of the day because of all the added metal weighting you down.

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