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Tips for Organizing Your Closet

closet organizationIt’s one of those tasks that no one wants to do: cleaning out the bedroom closet and organizing it. Fortunately, though, there are several tips that you can follow to simplify things.

Tip #1: Get rid of the clothes that you don’t wear

For starters, you need to go through your clothes and give away or sell what you no longer wear. If you have a hard time determining what you don’t wear, there’s a simple trick for you to follow. Turn your hangers around backwards to wear the hook is facing toward you on the clothes rod. Each time that you wear something, turn it around the right way when you hang it back up. After six months passes, take a look at the hangers that are still turned around backward. It’s these clothes that you should probably clear out of your closet.

Tip #2: Keep your boots in the hallway closet

If you have a mudroom or hallway closet, keep your boots in either place. Storing your boots in your actual bedroom closet takes up a lot of room. Plus, you don’t want the mud on your boots getting all over your clothes.

Tip #3: Separate your clothes

To keep your closet organized, it’ll go a long way if you separate your winter clothes from your summer clothes. To do this, all you need to do is keep your long sleeved shirts together and your short sleeved shirts together. You could separate the dividing line between them by hanging up your nice pants, including slacks and jeans.

Tip #4: Sort by color

If you really want to keep your closet looking its best, make sure to hang up your clothes according to color. Just make sure that when you do this that you still have your long sleeved shirts separated from your short sleeved ones. You should also separate your clothes according to how casual or formal they are. For example, you will want to keep all of your long sleeved, button up shirts hanging together.

Tip #5: Keep your miscellaneous items in boxes

If you’re anything like most people, you probably store a few miscellaneous items in your closet. It’s usually best to keep these items stored in boxes. Not only does this help to keep track of the items, but it also makes your closet much more organized.

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