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Top Fashion Looks Of January 2015 You Must See

winter-shopping-guide-January-2015Yes we are in February and it is time to find out what fashion looks everyone thought were the best in January. That way you can totally ride its coattail and make that fashion look part of your look this year. Fashionable looks do not have to be replicated from headband to high heel shoe. You make the outfit yours by any means necessary. If you can only afford the top then only buy the top. If the shoes are too expensive then buy a cheaper similar version. Look at magazines for inspirational looks to sport any given season.

Here are some top fashion looks of January 2015 you surely need to rock in February now that you know about them.

Loud Plaid – The comeback look of 2015. Plaid made a splash back onto the runway and I am not talking about just the plain black and white plaid. Loud plaid color mixtures are hot right now. Yellow/Black, Pink/Violet, Red/Yellow…you name the color mix and you are sure to find it. I guess we can thank Iggy and her “fancy” self for bringing it back. No one is going to worry about your checkered past when you are looking so rad in plaid.

Colorful Ensemble – make a splash anywhere you end up going with some vibrant colors. Tangerine, custard, toasted almond, and aquamarine are colors that need to be added to your wardrobe. Just look at the vibrant colorful dress in the middle. It was an intoxicating look in January. Look for similar dresses like it and you too can look Miami Beach fresh.



Scarf It Up – The one accessory seen a lot in January was the scarf. You would think it was used because it was cold. Nope it was used because the silk scarf adds some extra class to any outfit. The outfit can be as simple as a navy business suit and just by draping your neck with a silk scarf; it takes the outfit to the next level with little effort.

Sheer Genius – No it is not the haircut show. Sheer clothing was a big hit in January 2015. Kristen Stewart rocked a gothic lace look at the screening of Still Alice. Do you like it because I still do? Now when I say go sheer it does not mean that I want to see your need body underneath the outfit. Be subtle with the sheerness.

Top Fashion Looks Of January 2015

Layered Looks – January was known for the layered look. The more layers the better the outfit. Layer from the hat down to the boot. Why so many layers? Every time you take an article of clothing you will basically have a new outfit.

Just because these looks were worn in January, it does not mean that you cannot wear them in February. Rock these looks whenever you want or until a friend asks, “You’re wearing that?”, but in a condescending way. Your reply should be, “Buy me a new outfit then.” That will shut them up. Be on top with your fashion looks every day of the year.

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