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Top Hat Trends of 2015 That Will Blow Your Mind

hat-trend-style-2015-fashionHats can make or break a look. I understand if you have a bad hair day or just got a messed up haircut; hats are okay to wear on. If your outfit is looking so good that your friend wants to rip it right off you, then why go and ruin it with a hat. The year is 2015, learn what to not wear with an outfit. Accessorize only if it will make your outfit look good. Oh, and before we start the list…fedoras are so 2008.

I have a feeling that 2015 will be the year of the hat trend.

Here are some hat trends that are making it to the top of everyone’s list or in this case, heads.

Knitted Extravaganza – Knit wear is not only for grannies to make. A lot of celebs and models have been seen rocking knitted hats in their daily attire. These are not just ordinary knit hats. They are knit hats with geometrical patterns, witty words, and some even can function as a scarf. Knitted hats with embellishments are beautiful; there is even one that looks like an owl. My favorites are the ones with the little pompoms on the top.


Fur-fection – Fur is not only for the shoulder shawls and coats. Now you can look elegant with a fur hat. 2015 seems to be big on the fur trend. The great thing about a fur hat is that it is luxuriant, warm, and fluffy. Plus it will not add any static electricity to damage your hair style. Daks, Dsquared2, and Missoni are fashion houses who offer beautiful fur hats to add to your collection.

Fez – Doctor Who finally made a hat trend. His fez hat is making waves in the fashion world. Of course his is red, but the ones that you need to look for are the ones with big bows on the back. Do not purchase the fez hat with the tassel. Suede fez hats are so 2015. Make sure your hat rack includes one.

Hoodie Hats: Be Little Red Riding Hood in 2015. Hoodie hats are making a huge comeback this year. Some are even bedazzled with jewels. Others continue down to become a cloak as well. They are also known as Snoods, Chadors, and Kerchiefs. They sound like Pokémon right.


There you have it. Four new hats to put on your head. I hope you are able to try these new hat trends in 2015. Go out and buy a hat rack or re-use an old cock rack and hang up your new hats. Walk the streets with style. Just because hats are becoming a trend in 2015, it does not mean that you have to leave the house with messed up hair. A hat is supposed to help your look not hide the ugliness.

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