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Update Your Summer Style For 2015

Sunny days! Warm weather! Festivals! Outdoor Fun! And, of course, an entirely new wardrobe. Of course! At the very least, it’s time to review some of the hottest trends of 2014 that are not so hot anymore, and find out what’s in store for Summer 2015.


1. Sandals

Buh-bye “flatform” sandals, you will not be missed. The chunky, “ugly-chic” and extremely uncomfortable style that was everywhere on 2014 is finally gone. Or should be, anyway. Maybe as a direct contrast to huge, clunky soles, 2015 is going the complete opposite direction for footwear. This summer, gladiator sandals are making a comeback, either in solid colors or fun prints. Comfy, cool flats that are also stylish? Yes please! Wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts and almost any outfit. The best part is that you can wear them every day and your feet will not complain!.

2. Denim Shorts

You know what made a terrible comeback in 2014? Janties and cut-off shorts that showed your pockets. Basically, we took one of the most basic and “matchable” staples of our wardrobe, denim shorts, and made it unwearable. Almost nobody could pull them off, they didn’t work well in most contexts and they were hard on your thighs. In 2015 we learn from our mistakes and now we are shifting to cuffed, “boyfriend-style” denim shorts. The looser fit is more comfortable to wear and the cuffs make them look instantly more put-together. Behold the magic of folded fabric.

3. Jeans

Last summer skinny jeans were everywhere, but for 2015 our legs need to breathe. We are not saying “get rid of your skinny jeans” at all. Keep your skinny jeans. They are a basic staple that you can pull off with almost anything. But, if you are looking for a fresher look this summer, you’ll be pleased to know that flares are back. Not horribly exaggerated, ’00 style flares, but more subtle ones. A slight, barely noticeable flare at the bottom will make your jeans feel less like leg prison and more like actual pants. Not to mention, this shape is incredibly flattering on every body type.

4. Hair accessories

Over the last few years, we’ve seen hairpieces get bigger and more flashy every season. We were worried this summer we wouldn’t be able to lift our heads from the weight. But it seems like we got collectively tired of big hair accessories so now we are going in the opposite direction. In Summer 2015, subtle hair charms will be seen instead of huge flower crowns everywhere.

5. Swimsuits

If you were anywhere near a beach during Summer 2014, you might have noticed that cut-out one piece bathing suits were huge. Specially big, major cut-outs in the middle of the suit to show off your tummy, it was basically wearing a bikini connected by two thin pieces of fabric. This year, cut-outs are still a great way to stand out, but the trend is subtle, smaller cut-outs on the sides of the suit.

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