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Useful Fashionable DIY Ideas That Are So Simple Even You Can Do Them

shorts-diy-crochet-fashion-clothesHaving your own sense of style is one trait to be proud of. Yes, looking like celebrities, movie stars, sports stars, and idols can be stylish too but it also can cost you a fashionable arm and leg. Try something new and step out of the ‘it’ crowd. Become your own fashionista by creating fashionable looks right from your home. Look in your closet for clothes that you hardly ever wear. Look deep into the back corners of the closet. Bring out everything you do not wear or just think that needs a fashion lift. Now look at what you have.

Here are useful fashionable DIY ideas that are so simple even you can do them for little or no money at all.

  • Embellish The Oldies –See what can be helped by adding some embellishments like jewels, beads, and lace. You can add sequins on an old flare dress to give it new life.
  • Thread Cutter – Take your old jeans and cut them into shorts. Leave some of the threads hanging to give them an edgy look.
  • Dye To Be Beautiful – Use fabric dye to make a drab shirt look new. You can even dye the threads of your new shorts that you just made.
  • Crochet Couture – Bring old shorts and dresses back to life by crocheting some elegance on them.
  • Lace It Up – Have an old scarf? Glue some lace to it and give it a nice feminine touch. You can also glue lace to old slip-on shoes. Cut lace in the shape of a heart and sew/glue to your sweater sleeves.
  • Ribbon And Washer Necklace – Make your own simple jewelry at home. All you need is a colorful ribbon and some metal washers. Keep on threading the ribbon in an out of the washers until you get the length you want. Look at the example below:


  • Look Through New Eyes – Get some old sunglasses and get creative with them. All you need to do is get some glitter or flat beads. Superglue the area around the lenses and glue the flat beads on. You can even sprinkle glitter on them.
  • Glitter Letters – Take a drab shirt and make a new by making it unique. How? Put a piece of cardboard in the shirt. Clamp it down to stretch out the part where you are going to write the letters. Use a marker and write your saying. Now use fabric glue and cover the letters. Sprinkle the glitter over it. Now use mod podge to keep the glitter from sprinkling off.
  • Studded Capris – Cut an old pair of jeans ¾ of the way. Now roll them up a bit like a cuff. Get some gold stud embellishments. Use a plier to apply the studs to the cuff. Once done they will look so good that any stud would want to go out with you.

Try some of these easy fashionable DIY to liven up your dull closet. Make your new creative shine in public. When someone asks you where you got your outfit from, you can tell them, “I made it.” It will always be one of a kind just like your unique fashion sense.

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