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Vegan Leather Anyone? Hell Yeah!



Vegan leather? What the hell? Were the first two things to pop in my head the first time I even heard of vegan leather. When I saw my first vegan leather jacket, I was like, “Oh my leather!”

Celebrities are rocking the faux leather trend like crazy this fall. It is nice to see that they are pro animal-cruelty. Vegan leather is used in jackets, pants, boots, bags, and even gloves. Stella McCartney is a go to stylist when it comes to vegan leather, faux leather, or pleather items since she herself is a vegan. Alicia Silverstone swears by her. Looking for vegan leather shoes? Try MooShoes.com.

Just because vegan leather is becoming a trend right now, it surely does not mean that you have to get rid of any real leather products your might have in your closet. Some might have been gifted to you, and other leather items you might have saved up lots of green to purchase. Plus there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I am giving up my boyfriend’s motorcycle jacket. Get on the trend; do not make it a crutch in your style. Yes it can be a touchy subject when it comes to faux leather and your life choices. Just remember that the only person, who gets to enjoy the true nature of each object of clothing they own, whether it is real or not, is oneself.

That being said,Vegan leather looks so passible and beautiful. I love that no animals were harm in the making of the clothes. The inner real leather lover cried a bit. A lot of people think that by purchasing vegan leather products they are helping the environment. Leather please! You are just not supporting the harm of animals when your purchase vegan; food or clothing wise.

So where can you purchase great vegan leather articles of clothing that look just like real leather?



  • The first place to look for is on-line. Some of my favorite online shops are: AlternativeOutfitters.com, Veganchic.com, BraveGentleMan.com, and CompassionCoutureShop.com. They are basically a one-stop shop to your vegan clothing needs.
  • Then search for stores around your neighborhood that support the stop of animal-cruelty. Macy’s and Nordstrom do offer affordable vegan leather jacket options ranging from $168-$349 dollars. I purchased my Free People faux leather motorcycle jacket from Nordstrom for $168 dollars.
  • H&M, Old Navy, Payless, Zappos, Nine West, and Forever 21 also offer vegan leather clothing options along with cruelty-free accessories.

So this fall make a vegan-tastic look by showcasing your vegan leather. The only thing real about your closet this fall will be the snake skin knee-high boots…oops, I meant the vegan boots.

Save money this fall by making it faux-some. Vegan leather is the way to go this fall. Look cool but make sure you are not keeping animals like Bambi cool in the fall. Show off you leather clothes without showing off animal skin.

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