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What’s This Cara Delevingne Obsession All About?

cara-delevingne-model-bushy-eyebrows-uniqueShe is everyone’s favorite Brit fashion rebel. She’s a model and style icon, with that charming “I don’t care” attitude and eyebrows you could pick out in a crowd. We are talking, of course, about Cara Delevingne. But what makes this young blonde special? Why is everyone trying to get her perfect power brows? How did a supermodel get such a dedicated fanbase? On the catwalk she’s a fashion icon, but it’s off the runway where her true personality and style shines.

Maybe Cara is a natural response to the stiff image of the supermodel on a pedestal we’ve grown tired off. As people in the fashion industry became more concerned with perfecting the “coat-hanger” look for their models, we’ve lost the interesting faces and iconic personalities of the 80s and 90s. In this sense, Delevingne is a breath of fresh air. While other supermodels walk around with bored faces and pose with eyes devoid of all expression, this Brit girl isn’t afraid to show a little goofiness and fun. Instead of the usual bored, stiff look women in her profession seem required to have at all times, Cara will pull a quirky face as soon as she sees a paparazzi. She does it so much that her famous bog-eye already has its own Twitter account.

In some ways, Cara Delevingne’s popularity could be a result of a new wave of body acceptance that arrived to the media and even the fashion world. After years of telling women to overpluck their eyebrows to get a perfect, thin arch, blogs and magazines are writing tutorials on how to get Cara’s “power-brows”. Bushy eyebrows are no longer looked at like an ugly trait that must be fixed, but as a symbol of natural beauty. The standards are (slowly) changing, an an interesting, androgynous look like Delevingne’s will catch a few eyes.

What is really captivating about the British supermodel is how she manages to look incredibly stylish with little apparent effort. When she is off-duty, she will usually go for a relaxed, tomboyish look while maintaining her status as a fashion icon. One of her favorite get ups is a pair of skinny jeans, a leather jacket over a crop top and a beanie hat. And of course, whenever she’s not wearing heels, she rocks high-top sneakers with almost any outfit.

In the end, what truly sets Cara apart is that she is not afraid to have fun and show a little bit of her wild side. She is comfortable in her own skin and proves that it’s possible to look stylish in an androgynous look by choosing the right accessories without going overboard.

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